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Design + Integrity = A Winning Combination

Posted on December 17, 2012 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

With well over 400 design awards to our name, it would be easy to think that Miller & Smith puts design above all else. There’s no denying that building innovative and imaginative homes is our passion, but our commitment to great design really only tells a piece of the story. Our architects and designers are part of a much larger team of engineers, purchasers, building superintendents, construction crews, sales managers and homeowner support personnel. What has made Miller & Smith so successful for nearly 50 years is that our entire team buys into a common goal. As Doug Smith, President of Miller & Smith put it, we strive to be a builder of quality, both in terms of construction and character. Recently, this common pursuit earned Miller & Smith recognition from the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA), which named Miller & Smith the Large Volume Builder Of The Year. Everyone at Miler & Smith should be proud of the hard work and effort that led our peers to present us with the award, added Smith. So while the Miller & Smith name is synonymous with great style and design, it also represents character and integrity‚Äîtwo qualities that give a whole lot of substance to Miller & Smith’s trademark style.