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Why Visiting Model Homes Now Can Benefit Your Future New Home Search

Posted on March 22, 2018 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

It’s never too early to begin looking for a new home, especially if you already have an idea of a time frame for when you would like to move. Time and time again, we have seen how one visit to our model homes can change everything, but there are so many reasons why visiting a model home can prepare you for your future new home search. Our sales managers get to know our homebuyers, and give you the knowledge you need so that purchasing your own Miller & Smith new home will be as easy as possible. Read on below to discover more reasons to start visiting our model homes now!


Get an idea of what to expect

Every homebuilder has design features that are unique to their homes, so visiting these homes is a way to see what your new home would look like in real life based on the model. Visiting our models is a great way to get to know some of the included modern features and finishes that Miller & Smith is known for. For example, you’ll always have the kitchen of your dreams. We know kitchens are the heart of the home and we spend a lot of time and detail into designing our kitchens. Many of our homes include hardwood flooring, stainless appliances, granite countertops and a 2-car garage.


Learn what you like or don’t like

Just like anything else you could be looking to buy, whether it be a car, a pair of shoes, or a new home, what you think you like might not always be true once you see it in front of you. Model home tours play a huge role in this. On a tour, you can discover a design or feature that you love but that you never would have thought of before. Take notes and photos while visiting model homes so you can remember what you prefer when the time comes to build your new home from the ground up!


Design inspiration is aplenty

Even though everyone has a different home decorating style, we have seen some of our homebuyers take a lot of inspiration from our model homes. Some of them even hunt down the exact same pieces from our models for their new Miller & Smith homes! Because we decorate our model homes with the latest home design trends, you’ll be sure to get an idea of how you will want to style your abode.


Get a feel for different neighborhoods

Since a new home is not just about a roof over your head, taking advantage of model home visits also includes exploring the neighborhood. At Aspen North at Lake Linganore, you can visit our model homes and then head on down to the lake and walk along the trails. At Tallyn Ridge at Pinecliff Park, you can tour our model homes and take the kids down to the playgrounds just a few steps away. At Upper West One Loudoun, visit our model homes and head on downtown for some of Ashburn’s best dining options. The opportunities are endless to make the most of a visit to Miller & Smith!




Better understand your price range

Visiting a model home gives you a much better understanding of why a specific home in a specific location costs what it does. The better you understand pricing of new homes the easier it will be to compare one home to another and gage what price range will work for your family. This also gives you an idea of additional add-ons you may want to consider, such as an extended living area or tricked-out rec room to host all of your game nights.


Get excited!

Model home tours don’t just give you the knowledge you need to find the perfect home for you, but they will also get you excited for this next step of your life. Starting model home visits early on will also eliminate a bit of stress as there is less urgency than if you were looking to move quickly. But, you also never know when you could find an immediate delivery home that is perfect for you and ready right now!


Since we have now convinced you to come on over and visit our model homes, it’s time to pick out which of our 19 you will be visiting! Better yet, visit any of our model homes during the One Visit Experience and you could be entered to win a 2-year lease on a Mini Cooper or a professional style session for your Miller & Smith home with Kerra Michele. Explore everything you need to know on our website at