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We Believe in HomeAid

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

We Believe in HomeAid

Because Everyone Deserves The Safety And Comfort Of Home.

At Miller & Smith, we believe in the idea of home and everything it represents. Home is the foundation of our lives. The place we connect with family and friends and live out moments large and small. Home is more than just shelter. It provides safety and stability. A sense of pride, joy, and connectedness. Home brings possibility to each new day.

But for thousands of individuals and families struggling with homelessness across Northern Virginia, home is a question mark. Simply finding a place to sleep at night is a constant source of uncertainty and stress, draining their time, energy, and hope.

Homelessness is a destructive cycle that HomeAid Northern Virginia is working tirelessly to overcome. Its mission is clear. To ensure that everyone has a safe and stable place to call home. And to achieve this mission, HomeAid Northern Virginia connects homebuilders and housing industry professionals with non-profit organizations that support those experiencing homelessness.

HomeAid Northern Virginia partners with builders like Miller & Smith who donate their construction expertise, time, and resources to renovate and build homeless shelters, housing facilities, and other physical spaces used by non-profit organizations. By receiving these donations from homebuilders and their trade partners, these organizations can funnel their limited resources into programs that support their clients and work toward sustainably ending homelessness.

HomeAid Northern Virginia supports so many different non-profits because the reasons people become homeless are so varied. Many are victims of domestic violence. Some suffer from chronic physical and mental disabilities. Sadly, families with children and teens represent the fastest growing sector of the homeless population.

“People may only be familiar with their local shelters, so they wonder how much work we can actually do,” said Kristyn Burr, Executive Director and CEO of HomeAid Northern Virginia. “The reality is we support so much more than homeless and emergency shelters and do so across ten counties and municipalities. We support nonprofit food pantries, thrift stores, senior centers, group homes and other housing units, after school programs, addiction recovery, and more. For example, one of our non-profit partners owns over 150 individual units used for affordable and transitional housing and the cost to maintain them, keep them safe, stable and dignified for a family or individual to call home is enormous. We exist because organizations have very limited budgets and the ever-growing human needs are the priority. HomeAid believes that everyone is worthy of a hand up when they need it and the physical space where the support and healing happens matters a great deal.”

Miller & Smith has proudly and humbly supported HomeAid Northern Virginia since 2002. “We believe in giving back to our community and supporting HomeAid Northern Virginia is a great way for us to make an immediate impact,” said Scott Alford, Vice President of Production with Miller & Smith. “When Kristyn reaches out with a request to help renovate a townhome, for example, we don’t just want to put a band-aid on it. We want it to last for another 10 years and, more importantly, we want people to feel proud to live there. Our trade partners feel the same way and are incredibly generous. Together, we’re able to put our talents and resources to good use to help people rebuild their lives.”

HomeAid Northern Virginia reached a remarkable milestone this year, completing their 150th project and impacting 167,000 lives for the better throughout Northern Virginia.

“Miller & Smith has completed 15 of those projects and they’ve been involved with us since the very beginning,” said Burr. “To date, they’ve done $1.6 million worth of work and saved us just over $1 million in in-kind donations. And they’re not just bringing leftover flooring and whatever paint that have on hand. I’m talking they give me choices. We just did an $80,000 renovation project with Miller & Smith and it was 100% donated. They always pour their heart and soul into a project. They do it well, they do it right, it’s just a work of art when they turn these units over.”

At Miller & Smith, we’re proud of the extra effort our employees and trade partners put into every home we build or renovate. It’s incredibly rewarding because every home represents someone’s hope and chance at a brighter tomorrow.

We invite you to join us in support of HomeAid Northern Virginia by contributing to their HomeAid 150 Campaign, going on now. Help honor their efforts and recognize this remarkable milestone of 150 projects completed—and 167,000 people served—with a donation of $150. Right now, your tax deductible donation will go even further because the Board of Directors of HomeAid Northern Virginia is offering a dollar for dollar matching gift of up to $25,000.

To donate, and for more information about HomeAid Northern Virginia, please click here. To learn about other ways to support homeless families throughout Northern Virginia, please click here. And to help spread the word, please share these links on your own social media.