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Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Posted on December 11, 2015 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Wondering how you are going to get your home ready before the in-laws arrive for the holidays? Not to worry! We have put together a great list of different ways you can prepare your Miller and Smith home for this busy holiday season!

Show off your stuff: The holidays are a time to show off your home, so bring out your best home décor and deck your halls! With a new home by Miller and Smith, our modern and functional home designs will be great to accentuate your favorite holiday décor. Get some fresh ideas for 2015 holiday home décor trends from Good Housekeeping!

Lighting in check: Bad lighting can hinder a good time, especially if it is shining in your eyes! Use dimmed lighting in rooms like the foyer or hallways, and indirect lighting for more utilized spaces like the dining room & kitchen. Good lighting can make guests feel relaxed and at ease. Candles are another way to bring the holidays into your home — both with lighting and scent. Check out some more home lighting tips from Progress Lighting at

Guest accommodations: When hosting holiday celebrations this year, overnight guests are to be expected. Make sure guest rooms are complete with clean sheets, towels, toiletries, etc. If you really want to go above and beyond, make a little basket of late night goodies (for both children and adults) including bottles of water and snacks. It is handy to have extra guest-friendly items laying around the house like toothbrushes, air mattresses, and blankets – just in case!

Junk-free zone: Make room for your guests by de-cluttering your home and putting away things that take up space. Items such as remote controls, magazines, books, and toys can be put into baskets or drawers so you have more space to put decorations, gifts, and hors d’oeuvres. Additionally, make sure there is enough seating in the common areas of your home for guests to sit and mingle.

We hope you can utilize some of these great holiday tips we have put together for you, and of course, we wish you a Happy Holidays from Miller & Smith!