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Tips for Downsizing Clutter In Your Home

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Whether you want to downsize the amount of junk in your home or you’re looking to clear through some clutter, now is a great time to start! Doing this before the holidays will make more room for any gifts that make their way into your new Miller & Smith home, and it will also give you a refresh for the New Year. Check out our list of tips below for sorting through items in your home. Toss or keep? – You decide!


Set a plan: Even though your goal now is to clear out things in your home, you still need a plan of attack. Our suggestion would be to move from room to room and try to stick to one room at a time. It’s easy to get distracted or avoid making decisions in the moment.

Let go of the old: We all have those few (or many) heirloom pieces that sit in the basement for years and years without attention. If you think you can bear it, get rid of anything that has no purpose or sentimental value to you – even if it is “antique”. There are plenty of consignment shops that have space for all of your interesting items from the past, and those items can find a new home!

Do you love it?: Especially with clothes, we tend to hold on to items just to have them. If you are choosing whether or not to get rid of something or keep it, think to yourself, “do I really love it?” If the answer is no, toss it to make room for more things in your home, like a new sweater or an antique lamp you decided to finally recover from storage.

Multiples or maybes: Multiples are never very practical, especially if you use one and not the other. Get rid of anything you have two of, especially if they take up a lot of space, like vacuums or strollers. There may also be some items that you are wary about, so if you have a “maybe” pile, keep it hidden away for about 2 months. If you do not miss anything in the pile, out it goes!

Bring some assistance: Sorting through things in your home can be difficult to do all on your own. If you have help from a friend or family member, it will go much faster and they can talk you through the always-tough decision of “toss or keep”. Make a game out of it and have a goal to eliminate 50%, or more of the clutter that is taking up space in your home.

Get rid of an item if:

  • It is broken beyond repair or a repair would cost the same as replacing it
  • You no longer have a use for it or have never used it
  • You considered throwing it out years ago

Remember that downsizing clutter takes time and that’s okay! If you allot about 20 minutes or more every day, your entire home will be refreshed before you know it. Downsizing is a great way to start the moving process to your brand new Miller & Smith home, so let us help you find your dream home here.