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The Kitchen’s Rise to Stardom.

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Nowadays when you think of the kitchen in any home, it’s almost certainly the star of the show. It’s where families gather at holidays and any day of the week. It’s where homework gets done and where families do their most discussing of the day’s activities.  From souffles and standing rib roasts to Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese and corn dogs, today’s kitchen sets the scene for life’s shining moments and its ordinary days, too. That’s why it’s hard to imagine a time when the kitchen was something to hide away in the back corner of the home.  A room that was mainly used for food storage and quick preparation, the kitchen had much to be desired with its minimal spacing, dysfunctional design and primitive technology.


It wasn’t until the late 19th century when iron stoves and systems for gas, electric and water became readily accessible to the greater population that poised the kitchen for the beginning of its evolution. 

SHORPY_FL16746773Thanks in large part to Philadelphia Inventor and Production Management expert, Frederick Taylor, for beginning to view the kitchen as a challenge in efficiency, movement and spacing. The stove, counter and refrigerator were identified as key production areas that could benefit from science and theories to maximize efficiency and lessen frustration.  And thus began the movement of the kitchen from the back to the heart of the home.

The gourmet kitchens at Poplar Run in Silver Spring, Maryland would make Mr. Taylor, as well as your great grandmother twice removed, very happy. Simply put, these kitchens are large. With the same attention and thought to how spaces live, Miller & Smith dedicated more square footage to the areas where people want it most, improving everyday living. 

1371216986FirstFloorThese all-new single-family home designs feature an incredible open concept floorplan. Comfortable, casual living areas replace traditional, formal spaces with an open Great Room, Kitchen and Keeping Room layout that create a sense of spaciousness in the new Brindley model. 

The new Edgewick model at Poplar Run by Miller & Smith.

It merges the family entertainment area with a truly gourmet kitchen that has our signature, oversized kitchen island with increased room for seating and food preparation. Storage also is a priority in this kitchen with an enormous walk-in kitchen pantry and plenty of shelves.

The new Edgewick model at Poplar Run by Miller & Smith.

Come see the latest and greatest in kitchen design in our all new Edgewick Model at Poplar Run.