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The Importance of an Energy Efficient Home

Posted on May 6, 2021 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

According to the EPA, buildings account for 39% of the total energy use in the US. Homes are 54% of building use, or 21% of the total energy used in the US. That means one-fifth of all energy used in the US comes from our homes, and we as homeowners are directly paying for that use.

We as home builders care about your pocketbook too. We want your home to be a place that benefits you for years and years to come. A place you never regret and always enjoy. And a place that helps you and your environment at the same time.

There are some really huge impacts of building and living in an energy efficient home. Here are the highlights, and some of the ways we maximize energy efficiency:


How Miller & Smith makes energy efficient homes

One of the most important things in making a house energy efficient is to keep what’s inside, inside, and what’s outside, outside: primarily air and moisture. From the roof, to the windows, to the walls, to the basement, to the front door, we carefully select building materials and insulation that prevent the transfer of temperature, air, and moisture.

Our homes also feature Flowguard Gold CPVC pipes and fittings, providing cleaner water than copper pipes. Plus, all of our showerheads, faucets, and toilets are low flow to meet stricter water conservation standards. Our homes are also engineered to eliminate unnecessary energy use, including ENERGY STAR®-rated refrigerators, dishwashers, and programmable thermostats.

For more information about how we make sure our homes are energy efficient, please click here.


Homeowner benefits of an energy efficient home

There are two main benefits to living in an energy efficient home: comfortability and savings. When your heating and cooling stays inside your home, your home will feel better to live in. When rain trickles down your roof and into the ground but doesn’t drip into your bedroom or seep into your basement, your home will be more comfortable. And, by keeping out the excess moisture that fosters mold and mildew growth, your home will be healthier too.

The HVAC systems we use in our homes are always matched to the size of the home (“one size fits all” doesn’t work here). The HVAC at our Wildwood homes at Eden Brook in Columbia, MD, for example, features fully sealed supply lines running through only the interior of the home. This makes sure hot and cold air are delivered exactly where they are desired, and not in other areas of your home or outside through leaks.

An energy efficient home will also positively impact your wallet. You won’t have to pay extra to constantly replace that climate-controlled air which escapes to the outside (also saving wear on your HVAC system). ENERGY STAR appliances offer 10% more energy efficiency, providing you with a 20% increase in overall efficiency. You won’t have to pay for extra water for your appliances, toilets, and showers. The more energy efficient your home is, the more money you’ll save.

An energy efficient home benefits you today.


Environmental benefits of an energy efficient home

By being energy efficient, our homes are helping to protect the environment. Miller & Smith incorporates products that are environmentally friendly whenever possible, like Certainteed vinyl siding that has a very low environmental impact especially when compared to other siding options, and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for better interior air quality.

ENERGY STAR® appliances—like those found in our Atwood homes at Tapestry in Clarksburg, MD— also benefit the environment. They use less water, which is always good, but they also use less electricity. Using less electricity trickles up the power supply chain, meaning you are also conserving the fossil fuels.

We also take extra care when on the job site. Our I-level trusses and beams are engineered in a climate-controlled space to ensure superior strength and durability, then cut to exact size to reduce waste. All are manufactured with sustainable forestry practices to reduce the impact on the environment. Any construction waste generated is brought to a local plant to be recycled. These are the tenets of our home construction ideology, one in full practice at our newest coming soon homes in Ellicott City, MD at Patapsco Crossing. We always make sure to take care of the home outside our home, our planet, too.

An energy efficient home benefits everyone tomorrow.

Building energy efficient homes is a conscious choice at Miller & Smith. Energy efficient homes provide you with a cleaner, more comfortable home that is easier on your wallet and the environment. To us, it just makes sense, because we want you to be happy with and happy in your new Miller & Smith home now and forever.