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The art of orange.

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

One Loudoun,Downtown Collection

The Greenwich Model at One Loudoun

Orange is hot. Flip through any interior design magazine and you’ll find this bold color adding a pop of energy to casual and formal spaces alike.

Orange is no longer feared. Even people raised on beige and off-white are now embracing orange for its ability to convey warmth and whimsy.

Gallery Park, Tanner Model2

The Tanner Model at Gallery Park

When used properly, which generally means sporadically, orange is the perfect accent color to make an otherwise staid space come alive.

Surprisingly, orange is now even welcome in rooms that were once considered off limits, like bedrooms and dining rooms. Many designers argue that warm tones of orange in the bedroom can actually improve sleep quality.

Gallery Park, Tanner model 3

The Tanner Model at Gallery Park

If you’re thinking of incorporating orange into your own décor, but aren’t quite sure how much is too much, or which hues of orange play best with other colors, we invite you to come see these examples in person.

Maple Lawn Gramercy Park

The Gramercy Park Model at Maple Lawn

At Miller & Smith, we take pride in being on the forefront of design and color trends, so naturally, orange makes an appearance in many of our models.

Gallery Park, Tanner model

The Tanner Model at Gallery Park

To learn more about the model homes and communities featured here, just click on the captions.

Bramb, Noble Pointe Collection

The Hathaway Model at Brambleton