2019’s Forecasted Home Design Trends to Bring into Your Home NOW!

If you’re familiar with the world of home design and interiors, just like fashion, you know that the trends are constantly changing! At Miller & Smith, we work with award-winning interior designers to design model homes that keep up with these trends and speak to our homebuyers.


Some of the trends we are about to share with you come directly from the queen of interior design herself, Kerra Michele, who gave us the inside scoop. Below, take a look at some of the trends that you can expect to see more and more over the next year or two:


The Pastel: Lavender

This is a nice “Millennial pink” alternative and the newest pastel to join the trends. This shade, in our opinion, is more universal and a bit less feminine than pink, so it can be easier to incorporate into your home. Kerra suggests pairing it with some darker, more neutral tones, such as charcoal or cognac.


The Brights: Orange, Yellow and Teal

These colors pull from a 70’s inspired palette, but are resurfacing in more modern hues. The oranges seen on our radar are muted and reminiscent of natural clays while yellow is being used in a variety of tones depending on the season. If you are more into the cool color spectrum, try a dark teal-green hue, like the pillows and rug in the great room of our Mayfair model home.




In recent, this material has come back into the limelight thanks to local craftsmen and industrial style furniture companies. Kerra recommends starting small with a leather throw pillow on your bed and add a leather accent chair later if you want to showcase more of the material in your home.


The Tatton at the Garden District at Brambleton


Warm, light woods

Gray-toned hardwood ruled the scene for a while, but now a warmer, golden brown hardwood is resurfacing again. These wood tones bring a very welcoming and home-y feel to spaces like your kitchen or dining room.


The Allegro at Birchwood at Brambleton


Hooded stoves

Go with a classic metal look, or upgrade to a sleeker style to match your cabinets, like the one in our 1L model home at Upper West One Loudoun. More and more, homeowners are separating the stove from the microwave and moving these appliances around to make room for a hood.


1L at Upper West One Loudoun


Bold kitchens

If you’re still loving the crisp, white kitchen trend, we get it, because so do we! But, if you’re daring for something different, take a hint of color and splash it onto the walls, cabinets, or barstools. Pick whatever color suits your style best, but we are seeing a lot kitchens with bold blues in deep teal and cerulean. Hungry for more kitchen trends? Check out some of the most shared, linked to, and searched for articles about kitchen trends in 2019 here.


Lots of plants

We are not sure how the jungle home trend came about, but we are on board! Not only are plants a nice natural touch to any home, but many indoor plants can significantly add to the quality of the air circulating throughout your home. Breathe easy everyone!


1LX at Upper West One Loudoun


Can’t get enough interior design inspiration? Take a look at which of our model homes recently won a GALA award for their stunning interiors and browse around for more photos on our website!


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Trending Home Accents to Add to Your New Miller & Smith Home

Browsing Pinterest has finally got the best of you and you are now trying to decide what style you’re going for in your new Miller & Smith home. If you’re overwhelmed by the options and not sure where to turn, take a look at some current trends that we have recently had our eye on, and how to get the look from our model homes in various communities throughout Virginia and Maryland!


Deep green & cabin chic

Be inspired by the colors and textures of the great outdoors by creating a place that feels like your own cozy cabin in the woods. Take some design cues from our Parkvue townhome at Tallyn Ridge at Pinecliff Park that truly mimics the mountain and valley views seen from the community! The natural hues, stacked logs, and plush mossy accents create a wooded wonderland right inside this gorgeous Frederick, MD home.


Dramatic walls

Whether it is statement printed wallpaper or just a bright, bold color, the design world has slowly been moving away from all-white everything. If you’re really daring with your home design, try incorporating Benjamin Moore’s 2018 color of the year, Caliente, or the Sherwin Williams 2018 color of the year, Oceanside. Both of these colors will make a statement in any room and will keep your home ahead of the trends.


Ceilings with impact

If you have ever visited any of our model homes, you know that this is one of our favorite ways to show off a ceiling in a bedroom, kitchen, or even rec room. Now it’s your turn! Miller & Smith’s modern home designs provide the perfect canvas to take risks with your home interiors, even if it is up on the ceiling. Think of the ceiling as a 5th wall to decorate by creating a cool contrast to the rest of the room, or adding allover pattern to wow your guests!

The Merrimac at Cayden Ridge



A cushion, a pillow, a chair, or an entire couch — the fabric of the year has got to be velvet! This duochrome fabric is not for the faint of heart, as it is shiny and showy, but it is oh so soft. If you can’t picture velvet incorporated into your personal home design aesthetic, consider  swapping your regular accent pillows for some colorful velvet during the holiday season for added shine.


L: The Hillwood at Evermont Trace Brambleton, R: The Criswood at Courthouse Manor


Navy and Gold

We know what you’re thinking, but navy and gold do not have to represent the traditional nautical theme associated with this color combo. Below are a few examples from our 1L Next Level model home at Upper West One Loudoun. The contrast of the dark navy blue colors and the metallic gold accents creates a luxe ‘penthouse suite’ feel and will bring some serious va-va-voom to your home.


The 1L Next Level Home at Upper West One Loudoun


Now that you’ve got some inspiration, enjoy the process of decorating (or redecorating) your new home! See more photos of all of our model homes at MillerandSmith.com!


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10 Trending Colors to Use in Your Home Right Now

Every season, the influencers of design keep us on our toes by releasing color trends and predictions for all art forms, including home design. Because we like to stay on top of these trends, our model homes are the perfect place to get some inspiration for your new Miller & Smith home when it comes to decorating. Below, check out the trending colors that experts say are going to be hot this spring and summer, and see how you can easily utilize these colors in your own home design. Get ready to brighten up the color palette in your home, because gone are the days of allover neutrals!

Swatch credit: Pantone.com

Rec Room in the Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Greenery: This bright green color is surprisingly one of the easiest to incorporate into your home, because not only can you find accessories this color, but also seasonal plants can bring this color into your home with ease. Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017; so don’t expect this hue to go anywhere anytime soon!

The Great Room in the Foxton at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Flame: A fiery red/orange shade that is not one for the faint of heart, Flame is a universally appealing color and can be a great pop of color anywhere in your home. We recommend going easy with this shade by using it in small doses.

Bedroom in the Foxton at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Pale Dogwood & Pink Yarrow: Also known as “millennial pink”, Pale Dogwood has been on the up and up for some time now. Not only is it a hot color for home design, but also it is being used for just about everything else, from product packaging to clothing. Pink Yarrow is a newcomer this time around, as we haven’t had a bright magenta like this on the scene in quite some time. A great color for any kids room, it has a cool undertone so it will not blind your eyes if chosen as a wall color.

The Dining Room in the Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Lapis Blue: If you have visited our Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill, you should be very familiar with Lapis Blue, as it spans across the walls on the main level of the home. This deep blue is not quite royal blue, but not quite navy either; it’s a great in-between shade to use anywhere in your home.

The Great Room in the Hillwood at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Primrose Yellow: Although this sunny shade might seem very vibrant, intertwining a variety of neutrals throughout the room design can easily tone it down. This is perfect for anyone who wants to walk into his or her home and never be gloomy!

The Great Room in the Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Hazelnut: As the only neutral in the top colors for this spring, Hazelnut is a perfect in between mixture of beige, tan, and warm light brown tones. Just the name Hazelnut makes it appealing, but the color is also gorgeous as a wall or furniture shade.

Bedroom in the Hillwood at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Kale: You don’t have to be a healthy eater to incorporate this veggie-inspired color in your home. Again, Kale is another perfect in-between shade, that is, if you’re torn between olive and Kelly green. By the way, do we also spy Primrose Yellow and Flame in this room?

The Great Room in the Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Niagara: Just one of three blue tones trending this season, Niagara is a dark turquoise that gives a playful and inviting feel to common areas of the home. It goes well with orange; it’s complementary color, yellows, and light neutrals such as eggshell or beige.

The Study in the Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Island Paradise: All in the name, this bright blue takes us back to our last tropical vacation that was way too long ago. Along with the other bright colors of the bunch, decorative pillows are an inexpensive and easy way to create contrast and add a pop of color in a room.

Of course, these are just some of the trending colors in home design right now, but choosing one of these will be a great start to creating the stylish spaces you desire in your Miller & Smith home!

Sources: Pantone.com, http://meccinteriors.com/


Give Some TLC to the Forgotten Spots in Your Home

Decorating your brand new Miller & Smith home is going to the highlight of moving in. But with that being said, there are always certain spots of a home that are perfect for adding some unique décor, but are often forgotten about. Regardless of when your family will be moving in, it is never too soon to plan the layout of decorations and accessories for your home! Check out some of our ideas to give the forgotten spots in your home some TLC:

Corners: These tricky spots in your new home are the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to a room. Take advantage of these angles with a cool sectional, unique floor lamp, or custom shelving unit to fit perfectly in the corners of your home.

The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Outdoor spaces: Many homeowners think of an outdoor space as more of a functional space than a fashionable one, but it’s time to think again! There are so many options out there for stylish outdoor furniture and accessories, like the modern patio space seen below in the Hartwood at Embrey Mill.

The Hartwood at Embrey Mill

The Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Windows: The most obvious way to decorate windows is with window treatments, such as curtains or blinds. Instead of neutral or solid colored curtains, utilize window treatments to create a bold statement in a space with an interesting pattern. Another way to dress your windows up is to extend the windowsill into the room with a narrow console table, which can be accessorized with other items.

The staircase: Just because we don’t see the walls above a staircase often, doesn’t mean they can’t be decorated! Create a gallery of wall hangings or a hidden accent wall that will create a better flow from one level of your home to the next.

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Hallways: Another forgotten space in many homes, hallways are the best place to add an accent piece that wouldn’t otherwise fit the style of one specific room in your home. Take some cues from the Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore with a skinny table along the wall, or mirrors to create depth in the space.

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Bathrooms: It seems silly to decorate a bathroom with pretty paintings or vases, but these small touches can actually create an even more relaxing space!

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Kitchen spaces: Although cabinets and shelves in your kitchen serve a purpose, there is no reason they can’t be accessorized strategically to fit the style of your home. Take a look in the photo below at how the kitchen in our Silverton model home at Aspen North displays items that color coordinate with the rest of the décor in the main level of the home.

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Check out even more home décor inspiration from our beautiful model homes on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and learn even more about specific communities at MillerandSmith.com!

Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com



How to Add Bold Color Design to Your Home

Decorating your new Miller & Smith home can be a challenge, especially when you know you want to add something, like bold color, but aren’t sure how to execute it properly. These days home design is guided by awesome resources like Houzz, HGTV, Pinterest and design blogs that you can access with the click of a button. Today we are sharing our tips for adding bold color design to your home, with the help of photos from our model homes!

Take advantage of multicolored pieces: A multicolored focal point can tie an entire home together by uniting other accent pieces and adding new hues to the mix.

Photo: The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

One color different ways: If you want to incorporate orange into your color scheme, you can choose a throw blanket with a hint of orange, you can put oranges in a bowl, and you can also decide to add an orange accent pillow. The point is that there are small ways to incorporate one or two bold colors throughout a room. 

Photo: The Union Station at Signal Hill Station

Opt for a neutral backdrop: Bold colors will need some kind of complementary neutral in order to have that “wow” effect that homeowners often look for. Something as simple as placing bold pillows on a gray couch or hanging colorful curtains from a beige wall can make a huge difference.

Photo: The Sundancer at Millville by the Sea

Make color the focal point: If you have colorful walls, colorful floors, and colorful décor, your home will be in color overload! We recommend choosing one of these areas to focus on so that the color pops against the other elements of your home.

Photo: The Beachcomber at Millville by the Sea

Bring in soft elements: To contrast bright colors, bring softer and natural looking elements into a room, like wood, stone or natural fabrics. This will tone down bright colors for a more serene feeling space.

Photo: The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Photo: The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Use patterns: The next home trend is pattern on pattern, and we have already seen it in other design categories, such as fashion. Use decorative pillows that are all different patterns or utilize wall space with a variety of abstract prints. For the ultimate statement, make sure each piece has one color in common!

Photo: The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Photo: The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Add color with unexpected pieces: Items as simple as fruit, books, or a plant can add a hint of color to any room! We love the idea of having colorful table settings in a dining room, which is a neat way to add a subtle touch of color.

Photo: The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Photo: The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Curious what the rest of these model homes look like? Get information on any of our new homes in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware by visiting millerandsmith.com or stop by to see us at any of our communities!

Source: sunset.com

Look Up: Amazing Ceiling Ideas

When it comes time to customize your brand new Miller & Smith home, one of the last places you will think to focus on is the ceiling! Adding different design elements to the ceilings in your home can create a whole new perspective in a room. Check out some of our favorite ceiling ideas as seen in our model homes!

The Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings are a beautiful design element that is offered in many of our brand new homes, specifically in owner’s suites. This type of ceiling creates depth and dimension in a room, and can also make a statement. 

Hartwood Model at Embrey Mills for Miller & Smith

This owner’s suite in the Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill shows how a tray ceiling can provide a dramatic element in a room. Painting the center of the tray will create the illusion of higher ceilings and create a nice contrast with the wall colors.

Two Model Homes at Aspen North for Miller & Smith

In the Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore, the tray ceiling in the owner’s suite takes on a more simple and crisper look by staying true to the color of a standard white ceiling. 

High Ceiling Builds

Just like a tray ceiling, there are other built-in ceiling options to accentuate height and dimension in a room. Below are two examples of how ceiling design can work wonderfully in a single-level home. This type of ceiling is offered exclusively at our Millville by the Sea community.

In the Waverunner at Millville by the Sea, the ceiling displays another type of tray style, called a “coffered” ceiling. This element creates a beautiful focal point in this single-level home with recessed lighting for an elegant feel. 

The Beachcomber at Millville by the Sea is another example of how to show off high ceilings in a single-level home. This beamed arch ceiling differentiates the Beachcomber from many new homes on the market today and opens the room up for an airy ambience. 

Painted Designs

Painting the ceiling of your home anything other than white may not be at the top of your list, but it is a great idea to experiment with colors and patterns that can make your ceiling an interesting focal point.

One reason to create a painted ceiling design would be if your home features an open floor plan. In the photo above of our Verde model townhome at Victory Lakes (now for sale!), placing a rectangular design directly above the kitchen helps define the space without closing off any of the open floor plan. 

Two Model Homes at Aspen North for Miller & Smith

In this loft of the Silverton model home at Aspen North at Lake Linganore, the ceiling design creates a fun element for a room that is designed to be a kid-friendly hangout.

Whether or not you decide to incorporate any of these ceiling ideas into your new home, it is always nice to have the option, which you do in many new Miller & Smith homes! For more information and photos of all of our model homes, visit millerandsmith.com.

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