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Styling Your Bedroom For a Better Night’s Sleep

Posted on July 6, 2015 by Miller and Smith Blog Team










When moving into your new Miller and Smith home, you have the opportunity to decorate just the way you’d like. Arguably the most important room is the bedroom. It’s where you start and end your days and it’s where you go to relax. Getting enough sleep is very important when we all live such busy lives. Who knew that the way you decorated your bedroom could depend on how much sleep you get at night? When styling your bedroom you have to make sure it’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Here are several different ways to style your bedroom for a better nights sleep.

Clean up the Clutter

Clutter in your bedroom will affect your sleeping habits tremendously. Put away things like lotion bottles, perfumes, deodorant, etc. that tend to sit on the tops of dressers. Instead, organize these things in a bin and place them inside of a drawer. If you like having things like tissues or books near your bed, get a closed nightstand to keep these useful items from being seen. Storing things under the bed should always be a last resort, but if you need to, use large bins or drawers that can be easily pulled out and protect your things from dust. Also, bringing in items unrelated to sleep such as a laptop or TV can be distracting and interfere with a good nights sleep.

One Loudoun Master Bedroom by Miller & Smith









Lighting is Key

Lower lighting sends signals to our brains that the day is coming to a close. Create mood lighting with matching bedside lamps, hanging modern sconces or installing a dimmer. Harsh overhead lighting can keep your body from transitioning into sleep. Also releasing relaxing signals to our brains are smells. If you add calming aromas in ways such as fragrant plants, diffused essential oils or scented candles it will help you feel calm and relaxed. Fragrances such as lavender, vanilla and jasmine have been known to promote sleep.  

Finding the Perfect Paint

Painting your bedroom a “cool” color will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer! Studies suggest a muted blue is the best color to paint a bedroom. If you’re not a fan of blue, other cool colors such as greens or greys and silvers can also make a difference. On the contrary, the worst colors to paint your bedroom walls are shades of purple.

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Bedding You Love

Another important tip is to cover your bed in bedding that you love. The comfortable feel of sheets and bedding is just as important as getting a good nights sleep. You should buy new bedding every 18-24 months because repeated washing can ruin the feel of it. If that doesn’t fit into your budget, just buying new pillowcases helps too! Also, having a pet sleep with you can be very disorderly- include a décor-friendly pet bed so they can sleep in style without disrupting yours.

These helpful tips will make your bedroom into a peaceful, clutter-free place where you can relax and get the full 7-8 hours of sleep you need!