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Reasons to Search For Your New Home this Fall!

Posted on October 21, 2017 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Another year means another perfect season to look for your new home. No silly, we aren’t talking about spring, we are talking about fall! Statistically speaking, spring is the most popular home buying season, but the fall season brings many added benefits to homebuyers who are in the market for a new abode. Miller & Smith builds homes year-round in a variety of new home communities so that you can find yours when it most convenient for you. Take a look below at a few reasons why the fall season is the perfect time to look for your new Miller & Smith home!


The ultimate setting for a weekend of househunting

No one can deny that the fall season brings about amazing weather in both Virginia and Maryland where all of our new home communities are located. While visiting any of our model homes (open 7 days a week), you will be able to observe every community in all of it’s beauty with the sun shining brightly and the foliage starting to peek through. Plus, you won’t be overheated, or very cold, while coming in and out of all of the model homes.

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore


Less competition to find your perfect place

Many families looking to move prefer to do so in the spring or summer months so that moving does not interfere with the school year. This is good news for your new home search, because there is less competition in the fall to get that exact homesite or QMI you’ve been looking at. If you are looking for a new home to move into before the end of the year, our immediate delivery options are for you! We currently have a great selection of ready-to-move-in homes in a handful of communities that are bound to suit you and your family.

Homesite 1A48 at Cayden Ridge, Homesite 49 at Tallyn Ridge


Less competition to find top-rated professionals

When there is less competition to find your new home, there is also less competition for necessary professional home services! Spring months are the busiest for services like landscaping, painting, interior decorating, etc., but in the fall, you will not have to worry about the professionals you want being booked up for weeks. You are more likely to get everything done for your new home when it is most convenient for you!


New home communities have just opened

Were you looking for a new home over the spring and summer but just couldn’t find the right one for your family? Here at Miller & Smith, we may have the exact answer for you! Over the past few months, we have held Grand Openings for three new home communities in Ashburn, VA! Our West Park Brambleton single-family homes, Garden District Brambleton townhomes, and Upper West One Loudoun Next Level Homes are sure to turn your search up a notch and you might just finally find a place to call home!


The Aria at West Park Brambleton


The 1LX at Upper West One Loudoun


Buy everything for your home on sale

Purchasing a new home is exciting, but you also have to think about purchasing things like furniture and smaller appliances to fill it! Fall is the best time to start looking for these types of items because there are some amazing sale prices that pop up towards the end of the year as we begin approaching the holidays. Luckily, all Miller & Smith homes come with brand new large kitchen appliances — one less thing to worry about!


Taking advantage of the fall season to find your new Miller & Smith home is definitely the way to go. If you’re not sure where to start, head on over to our website to browse all of our new homes in Virginia and Maryland at!