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Realtors: Remember These Top 4 Benefits of New Construction

Posted on April 10, 2024 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Realtors match clients with homes.

They listen to all a client wants and needs and find them properties to explore and consider.

But you know this, because you are such a realtor!

Since 1964, Miller & Smith has been reimagining how a Washington-area home can look and live. In that time, we’ve learned what homebuyers are searching for, earned over 500 awards, and helped over 20,000 homebuyers find their new-construction home.

What we want to arm you with is all the reasons why new-construction homes are better than resale, so when your clients ask, you’re more than ready with answers.

So, here is a list of the Top 4 Benefits New-Construction Homes offer (to homebuyers and realtors) when compared to resale homes:

1. New Technology & Energy Efficiency

When your client buys a resale home, they get the (often outdated) technology that’s been built into the home, plus any upgrades the previous owner may have along the way—emphasis on the “may.” It’s sort of guesswork when approaching a resale home on what technology will be found and how up-to-date it will be.

Not so with new-construction homes. When your clients buy one of our brand-new homes, they know they are getting new technology from the ground up: from our Energy Seal Package in the basement which insulates and seals all lower-level conditioned spaces, to the well-insulated attic (using R-38 insulation) which is 25% more energy efficient than that used in homes built just 5 years ago.

Resale homes might have older windows, instead of the windows in our homes that feature Low-E glass. This newer building material filters out UV rays that can damage your skin and furnishings, and reduces heat transfer (which makes your HVAC system more efficient). Resale homes often have wooden exterior doors, whereas Miller & Smith new homes use only fiberglass doors with a solid foam core. This offers more insulation value than wooden doors.

ENERGY STAR® is a term you’ll see a lot in Miller & Smith new-construction homes. There are the high-tech programmable thermostats, refrigerators, and dishwashers that are all ENERGY STAR rated. This technology is not only more energy efficient, but it also saves the homeowner money! Add in some smart lighting control and other smart devices, and your clients will easily see how new-construction homes are more technologically advanced!

2. Healthier Living Spaces

Resale homes have been around for a while. That is, they’ve commonly had lifetimes of stories already take place inside their walls. The older technology they have (as mentioned above) has done its best to keep the home clean, but it can only do so much.

A new-construction home, however, is a fresh blank slate. It follows newer and stricter building codes and standards. Using building materials like the aforementioned Low-E glass windows and fiberglass doors to Flowguard Gold CPVC pipes and fittings, every aspect of the construction is healthier than older materials and technologies.

Our new-construction homes have superior HVAC systems, right-sized for the home by mechanical engineers, more energy efficient than older systems, and with better filtration. Our homes use low VOC interior paint which improves air quality, especially when compared to older paints sometimes used in resale homes.

New homes also use more in-fashion and long-lasting counter surfaces like sealed granite and quartz. Other than their durability and beauty, these surfaces are more microbe-resistant than older countertops. From foundation to roof and everything in between, new-construction homes offer healthier living spaces than resale homes.

3. Desirable Amenities & Incentives

 To many clients, home is more about what’s just inside four walls: It’s about the community and what they can enjoy immediately around their home. New-construction communities recognize these desires and often have more (and, of course, newer) amenities for their homeowners to enjoy.

Let’s look at two examples. Miller & Smith is proud to offer a few different new-home collections in Birchwood at Brambleton, the 55+ active adult neighborhood in Brambleton. The amenities here put residents near a clubhouse with pools, game rooms, a golf simulator (a hot amenity now), trails to a fishing pier, and more.

Our 55+ active adult villas in Cascades at Embrey Mill also has a private clubhouse with additional amenities inside, including a yoga room & weight room, game room, sundeck with grills, and lounge area with fireplace. Bocce ball and pickleball courts outside. Plus, the on-site Grounds Bistro & Café is just right down the road!

New-construction homes also frequently offer new homebuyers incentives to purchase: important tools to make purchasing a new home instead of a resale home an easier choice. Homebuyers might get incentives like closing cost assistance, money to apply to upgrading features or fixtures, and sometimes even free HOA fees for a year. Every incentive is another way to catch a prospect’s attention and convince them new construction is better than resale.

4. Quicker Sales & Commissions

New construction neighborhoods often have quick move-in homes that are ready for immediate delivery or almost finished being built. These homes greatly reduce the timeframe needed for your clients to live in a new-construction home with the other benefits mentioned above: a new-construction home without the new-construction timeline!

And you as a realtor benefit, too, from these quick selling homes with faster commissions! Plus, if there are multiple quick move-in homes available in the community, multiple clients can quickly find their dream home and become part of a new neighborhood.

Miller & Smith and the Benefits of New Construction

This is the time to really stress to your clients the benefits of new-construction homes. There are less resale homes on the market currently, due to current homeowners remaining in their homes twice as long as they did just a few decades ago.

So, when your clients come to you looking for their next place to live, remember our Top 4 Benefits New-Construction Homes. And then bring them to a Miller & Smith community and help them find their brand-new forever home!