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The Perfect Time To Be a Homebuyer is NOW!

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

You may have heard people going on and on about how great the real estate market is right now from a buyer perspective, and we have to agree with them! Years ago, new homes were very different from homes today, and with characteristics like higher mortgages and smaller spaces, there is no comparison to the options that are available in 2016. Discover why it is a great time to be a homebuyer below according to a recent article from!

The options are unparalleled

New homes today have gotten closer and closer to being “custom” homes with options to fit the needs of any family. At Miller & Smith, we offer many different types of homes including townhomes and single-family homes, each with their own optional features and designs that help tailor your home to the way you live.

New homes have all the bells and whistles

Back in the day, things like HVAC, granite countertops, and hardwood floors were considered luxury add-ons to a new home, which tacked on additional costs. Today, many of these “luxury” features are included in all new Miller & Smith homes! 

Homes are more energy efficient

As society becomes more environmentally and fiscally responsible, we have catered to those concerns when building a home! Our new homes are all equipped with energy efficient appliances and thermostats that are Energy Star rated. Not only are our homes energy efficient, but we also take environmental responsibility very seriously, so you know that materials used to build your new home are very environmentally friendly.

The Internet makes home-buying easy

Even before you decide to come and visit one of our brand new model homes, you can learn so much about the homes, community, options, and more on our website, including photos and videos! On our YouTube channel you can watch tours, interviews, and more, and on our social media pages, you can keep up with the latest happenings from Miller & Smith.

Mortgage rates are still at record lows

According to, mortgage rates are among the lowest they have ever been, with the average hovering around 3.63% for a 30-year fixed mortgage rate. Money that you put into a home today goes a lot farther than it has in the past 40 years, not to mention that new homes today offer far more living space, better features, and modern home designs. 

Take it from when they say, “it’s quite possible that there has never been a better time to be a homeowner.” Interested in taking advantage of the home buying market right now? Visit to learn more about owning a brand new home in Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware!