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Posted on June 23, 2017 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

This year, an estimated half of all homes will be purchased by first-time homebuyers, who face an overwhelming number of choices when embarking on this major life milestone. With today’s homes available in more sizes, shapes and customizations than ever before, how can you be sure your new home best reflects your own personality?

At Miller & Smith, our communities incorporate features and amenities that cater to a variety of mindsets, personas and lifestyle needs – whether you’re an outdoor aficionado, a lover of all things tech-centric or a maven for minimalism. Check out our personality overview to find the persona that best describes you, and discover which of our home offerings can best suit your one-of-a-kind personal style.

1) The Naturalist
If one word could sum up this mindful buyer, it would be “om.” The Naturalist makes wellness a top-of-mind priority, and keeps a sharp eye out for natural materials, ample space, light and greenery. Naturalists favor flexible, open spaces and sustainable features that emphasize eco-friendliness. Thanks to easy access for park space, hiking trails and stunning mountain views, Miller & Smith communities such as Tallyn Ridge make merging the indoors with the outdoors feel effortless. Inside, Naturalists also love the clean, simple feeling of getting back to basics, whether with streaming sunlight in tall windows or wood finishes and raw whites.

2) The Artist
For this vibrant creative type, life truly imitates art. These individuals enjoy interior design trends and are just as likely to be spotted at a museum opening as they are to marvel over the latest exciting street artwork. Artists want a home that’s as livable as it is beautiful, and they favor thoughtful design features such as architectural nuances and bright, trending color palettes. This type also has a flare for staging spaces in creative, unconventional ways, like turning a study into a yoga space, or an empty garage into a painting studio and gallery. The home collections at Aspen North allow residents to truly embrace their creative side, thanks to walls of windows for natural light, seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces, and a community filled with outdoor amenities for inspiration that include four lakes, three sand beaches and 30 miles of scenic trails.

3) The Achiever
With a laser focus on success and an affinity for technology and innovation, the Achiever is fueled by a commitment to impressive results. And this drive can be seen across a number of features in their homes. At the top of these must-have home elements are simplicity, clean lines and a focus on creating a convenient, uncomplicated lifestyle. Upper West at One Loudoun is a perfect home for this driven, proactive persona, with numerous sleek, built-in tech features (including integrated multi-room audio systems, smart locks and high-end home networking) paired with a head-turning, indoors-meets-outdoors aesthetic.

4) The Entertainer
This type is the life of the party, and also happens to be throwing it. Need a comforting meal and a friendly chat? Look no further than the home of The Entertainer, a relationship-focused persona who places special emphasis on taking care of family and loved ones. Warm, familiar design elements are critical to this personality type — and so are Smart Home features that ensure the next get-together goes off without a hitch. Entertainers love spaces that blend aesthetics and encourage lounging and leisurely conversation. Communities like Miller and Smith’s Cayden Ridge feature a charming farmhouse chic and craftsman aesthetic, as well as large, functional kitchens and ample space (both outside and inside) for getting together for a meal or a drink.

To discover the best home for your specific style, take a look through Miller & Smith’s portfolio of available new homes in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. We also have a list of immediate delivery homes for buyers who are eager to move as soon as possible.