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A Few Perfect Dates. One Loudoun-Style.

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Dressing up or slipping on your comfiest slippers. From filet mignon and a dozen oysters on the half shell to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s eaten straight out of the container. Two spoons. The guy who cleans up to resemble a J Crew model or a girl who shows up dressed like any one of the Disney princesses, but the pint sized version, that is. The perfect date looks different to each and everyone. At One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA, a perfect date is just around the corner. And we mean that literally.  When you live at One Loudoun, New Urbanism is a way of life. And thankfully for us, that means more date nights in the future.


Perfect For a High School First Date:

elevation burger one loudoun in ashburn va

A weekly allowance payout from Mom & Dad can only go so far. Especially when you’re treating for two. Luckily, when you’re a teenager living in One Loudoun, your money will stretch so much, you might even have some leftover for dessert. No matter if you have a drivers permit or if you have permission to take mom’s minivan, it doesn’t matter! Your One Loudoun date night is completely walkable. Start by grabbing the perfect all-American meal at Elevation Burger. I mean who doesn’t love a cheeseburger and fries? For the environmentally and health-conscious 17-year-old patron, the Elevation Burger is 100% USDA organic, grass fed and free range.  What that means to the average teenager is it’s a darn good burger. Sweeten the evening and swing by The Meadows Original Frozen Custard. If you end up sharing a waffle cone, you know it was a success.


Perfect For The New Parents:

alamo drafthouse cinema one loudoun in ashburn va

Ahhh…the first months as new parents are truly magical, but they have a way of putting a 7 lb 8oz wedge between you, your partner and a real date night. Luckily for you, at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, every Tuesday before 2 p.m. is Baby Day, otherwise known as a good excuse to grab a beer, a bite to eat and a matinee. The sound will be turned down a bit as to not awaken your little bundle and the lights will be a little brighter to keep the zombie, sleep-deprived patrons from dozing. Dinner, drinks and movies all in one place. For new parents, Tuesday afternoon is the new Saturday night.


Perfect For A Girls Lunch Date:

zoe's kitchen one loudoun in ashburn va

At Zoe’s Kitchen in One Loudoun, the name itself evokes the idea of comfort and conversation. Fresh ingredients and recipes designed around the Mediterranean way of life. According to Zoe herself, mealtime is a reason to share, celebrate and savor life with friends. According to us, when you can grab a healthful salad and a great glass of wine or two or three, you already have the staple ingredients for the perfect girls lunch date. And don’t worry when the conversation lasts the afternoon, Zoe’s Kitchen has your family’s dinner covered, too. Take home tubs in the pint or quart size. The perfect and guilt-free date.


Perfect for Daddy Daycare:

tropial smoothie cafe one loudoun in ashburn

Mealtime for any parent can cause moments of sheer panic and waves of anxiety, especially when you’re managing this territory. All. Alone. What will he eat? How much food will actually end up ingested by the dog, instead? Tropical Smoothie Café is a parent’s best friend and not a bad lunch date idea for daddy daycare. Arrange for a picnic at the Sports Plex or along the paved pedestrian pathways. The food at Tropical Smoothie Café is easily portable and they offer both delivery and curbside pick-up. What’s more is each kids meal is nutritionally balanced and complete with a delicious smoothie (defined to parents as the only way to get your kids to eat their fruit). Dads, you can get one, too. Just be sure to ask for the extra “energizer” supplement. 


Perfect for a Romantic Date Night:

bar louie one loudoun in ashburn

Known for its unique, handcrafted signature martinis. We know we can stop right there. This eclectic, urban bar surely can set the mood for a romantic evening starting with the drinks. Bar Louie brings the chic style and flavors from an urban establishment to the heart of One Loudoun. Schedule your date night for Thursday and you’ll enjoy live music while deliberating whether you’re in the mood for the ‘Effen Good or the Original ‘Cin martini. Talk about some serious nightcaps.

There are opportunities of all kinds at One Loudoun in Ashburn right outside your front door. Leave your car at home, put your walking shoes on and make it a date.

Stop on by and visit us at our Downtown Collection model featuring 4 bedrooms and a loft, 2.5 bathrooms, 2-car garage and up to 3,800 square feet. Don’t forget to ask the Sales Manager about the benefits of New Urbanism on your quality of life and, more specifically, the ease of going on more dates.