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Party On. 2015 Is Your Year.

Posted on February 3, 2015 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

M&S_GalleryPark_JAN2015SV_5You just bought a new home. You know what that means, don’t you? The inevitable house party. Maybe that’s an intimidating thought for many homeowners, but not when you own a Miller & Smith home. Oh, no. These homes were designed with entertaining in mind. 

No matter what your home looks and lives like, the central meeting place in any abode is the kitchen. With a Miller & Smith Top Chef kitchen as your backdrop, you’re party is immediately off to a great start. With plenty of infinity island counter space and an open, airy floorplan, there’s ample room for a generous food spread and plenty of room for gathering and conversation. But if your goal in 2015 is to spend even more time entertaining family and friends in your new home, here are some tips for making your pad party perfect.

Plan Ahead. Make sure to create your “to do” list in advance including the menu, drinks and list of chores. When planning your menu, be sure not to choose foods that need to be heated right before serving to avoid being attached to the oven all night. 

Keep Your Home Neat & Tidy. Focus on the public areas of your house on the day of the party. Make sure to keep the powder room well stocked with hand towels, tissue, etc. If you’re using a bedroom as the makeshift coat closet, make sure it too is picked up and presentable. Any room that is off limits to guests can be signaled by keeping the doors closed and the lights off.

Make a “to-do” list for the main event. This is a quick an easy way to remember the timing for bringing out your food at the perfect temperature.

Sit Back, Relax and Let the guests help themselves. A dinner party is much more comfortable and fun to attend when it’s buffet style. People can mix and mingle on their own time. Also, keep bartending simple, and choose drinks that guests can pour or mix themselves.