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Much to Woohoo about at Gallery Park.

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Alex Champin has a lot to be excited about. A great mom who really knows how to cook. A job where he has the opportunity to positively impact lives. And a community location that is, among other things, convenient to a soon-to-be-open Wegmans. How cool is that?Alex is the Miller & Smith Sales Manager at Gallery Park in Clarksburg, Maryland. We asked him to shed some light on his own background and share his thoughts on what makes Gallery Park such a great value. Or as Alex would say, a slam dunk for homebuyers. Read on‚ What is your best memory of the home you grew up in?

Well I moved around a lot while growing up, so home was really where my family was. I guess the best memory that was consistent throughout all the change was knowing that when I got home mom would be there preparing a home-cooked meal. And let me tell you‚ mom can cook!

What makes Gallery Park so popular among first time homebuyers and young professionals?

Great home, great price and great location‚ that’s what continues to make us so successful! What I constantly hear is that buyers are expecting to see another stacked condo or 2 over 2. Their eyes light up when I explain that ALL 4 levels are theirs and priced the same as what most other builders are selling that does have someone living above you or below you! Not to mention our awesome location which is about 5 minutes away from tons of shopping at Milestone which includes Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart and the soon to open Wegmans! Wooohoo! Making Gallery Park a Slam Dunk for buyers!

What is your favorite design feature in your model and why?

My Favorite feature in my model home has to be the open kitchen with its ginormous island! It’s by far one of the biggest kitchens I have ever seen in a model. I just hosted a super bowl party at my own home and all I could think about was how small my kitchen island is and how much better the island is in my model. Everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen anyway so it makes total sense to make the kitchen island the focal point!

What is the best thing about living so close to Little Bennett Regional Park?

If you enjoy the outdoors, you have Little Bennett Regional Park footsteps away offering over 20 miles of trails! It’s crazy to think how in just minutes you have access to tons of shopping and conveniences but at the same time if you want to go hiking or biking to clear your mind, you have that too! It’s the best of both worlds!

What is your favorite way to celebrate a sale?

Typically, it’s calling my parents on my drive home followed by meeting up with them for a family dinner. My parents weren’t able to purchase their first home till much later in life (mostly because we were outside the U.S. and secondly no one had taken the time to explain the process). My parents are proud that I take the time and help other families understand the process. Had someone taken the time to help them, they would have owned a lot sooner.It’s really rewarding to help buyers understand how easy it is to own a home and see their expression when they realize it’s going to happen.

What are prospective homebuyers most surprised to learn about Gallery Park?

How affordable it is to actually own a home! It’s shocking what renters are paying now, and for what they pay or just a little more, than can afford to own so much more. All of my buyers really see Gallery Park as an incredible value for what they get compared to what they have been getting while renting. Many times renters are squeezed into a small 2 bedroom apartment are sooo excited to see that they can get a townhome at Gallery Park with plenty of room to grow into.

Explain your most memorable connection or moment with a homebuyer.

My most memorable connection with a homebuyer has to be with a family that came in and only spoke Spanish. Since both my parents are Hispanic, I am bi-lingual. Being able to speak to them in Spanish allowed me to explain the process of purchasing a new home and having one built for them. No one had taken the time to help them and they were so thankful to find someone that took the time and explained everything to them. We were even able to set them up with a loan officer that was able to do a loan application in Spanish. It was a great experience to see a family that most people would have just been ohhh walk thru and let me know if you have any questions actually be able to purchase. This, by far, is one of the biggestrewards of being a new home sales manager! Sometimes, as sales managers, it’s easy to forgot that often this is a homebuyer’s first purchase. And this is biggest and scariest purchase they will make in their life! Listening and guiding them and going the extra mile can truly make all the difference in someone’s life.

Whether you are currently renting, or you are well into your search for your first new home, now is a great time to get to know Gallery Park. Alex would be happy to give you a tour so stop by today. For current pricing, photo galleries, and directions to Gallery Park’s 3 decorated models, please click here.