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Mid-Century Comeback.

Posted on April 7, 2014 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

It’s happened to all of us before. The moment when you realize you should have kept an article of clothing from 15 years ago because it’s the latest fad. Again. We saw it happen with Rayban sunglasses, denim jackets, leggings, even MC Hammer harem pants. It’s called a Fashion Cycle and surely a trend that you thought or hoped would never be in demand again, actually comes full circle. In interior design, trends come and go, too.  As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we’ve been studying the year 1964. Looking at our own photo archives, taking note of all the major brands also celebrating their golden year in business and admiring the interior design trends of the time. What we’ve found is 1964 was way cool. From Ford Mustangs to The Beatles and shag rugs to high impact patterns, for a company that values good design and trend-setting, you could say we picked the perfect year as our launching pad. 

The 1960’s were a time of self-expression and interior design was no exception. Design became a means of provoking emotion and reaction through two predominant styles. Minimalism, a form of Modernism, reduced design to the most essential elements, while the contrasting flower power Hippie movements were more decorative and ethnic in nature.

Colors like gold, green, orange and yellow were popular and could be seen in clothing, cars and interior design. 

Mid-Century Living Room
This Mid-Century Modern chair fits perfectly in a 1964 living room just as easily in a Miller & Smith model home.

So too was a palette more aimed at maximum impact, including psychedelic fuschia pink and orange. Large paisley and stylized floral patterns were popular, with the thought that the more colorful the fabrics the better. The contrasting hippie look with ethnic prints also was favored as curtains, wall hangings and bedspreads.

Danish style furniture embraced the principles of Bauhaus modern for an overall look that made use of clean, pure lines and high quality materials. 

Mid-Century Bedroom
Clean lines were the essence of Mid-Century furniture, seen also in this modern replica dresser.

In the 1960’s, a big transition occurred in home design when casual family rooms or dens were built in addition to the traditional formal living room. A possible reason for this stark change occurred when the television became the focal point of the family room. This room became so popular to families, that TV trays were designed so dinner could be eaten where everyone congregated.

Mid-Century Living Room
We love the contrast that the brightly colored, bold patterned rug provides in this 1964 family room, as well as in a new home of today.

Wild and brightly colored shag and textured rugs made for visual interest among the contrasting clean lines of the rooms they anchored. No-wax vinyl floors started to take the place of linoleum. 

Mid Century Kitchen
The ethnic influence of these hanging pendants provides great visual interest in this Mid-Century kitchen. Check out these modern replicas inspired by this design movement.

 You can page through any of the popular interior design catalogs of our time and see that the overall resurgence of this past style is absolute. As the popularity of this Mid-Century Modern design movement continues; there is much hope that the beauty, functionality, and well thought-out design practices of this era, of our very beginnings at Miller & Smith, are now being re-introduced into today’s interior design plans. We’ve come full circle and we’re proud to say we’re bringing mid-century back.