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Maximizing Today And Tomorrow

Posted on February 26, 2021 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Life isn’t just a matter of milestones, but of moments. And for this Eden Brook homebuyer, Edith Koleoso, she has her eyes focused on a future full of promise. An upcoming wedding and a move into the new 55 and forward elevator townhomes at Eden Brook have her dreaming of all the possibilities. An elevator townhome that makes an easier move-in day and beyond, hosting holidays for her aging parents and adult children that is just as comfortable for both. Exploring a new neighborhood known for its higher standards and its ultra-convenience, where even the grocery store is within steps away. And growing into a main level living home with a life that is designed for maximizing today and tomorrow, too.

Read on for more from this Eden Brook couple, eager to celebrate the moments made possible by the easy road ahead.

Tell Us A Little Bit About You:

I currently live in Anne Arundel County in a 55 plus condominium. I live in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo. I love the ease of 55 plus living. I’m getting married in May, so we were both looking to start new and have our own property together. That’s how we ended up at Eden Brook.

What First Interested You In Looking at Eden Brook?

We pretty much knew we wanted to be in Columbia. We didn’t know where, but we ended up with brand-new and it seems to be a perfect fit. The convenience and safety of what Eden Brook offers because of its location in Columbia, we also liked it for its diversity, its standard of living, and convenience.

Are You Excited About Your New Elevator?

As we age in place, the elevator will come in handy. And when my parents come to visit, we will be utilizing the elevator in that respect. Even for moving in, being able to transfer boxes to different levels seems to be appealing.

How Has The Homebuying Process With Miller & Smith Been?

I had not heard of M&S before. But as we were driving through the area, we happened to see the sign go up. I jotted down the number and sent in an email. We were the very first ones to put in a contract. So far, the process has been very easy. I already had a realtor in mind. After speaking with Catherine about what they had to offer, I went back to my agent, and the very next day he reached out to Catherine. Made the appointment, picked out our lot, filled out their paperwork with one of the recommended financial institutions and within a couple of days, the approval came through. We have been on our way ever since.

The Lower Level Gives You Added Flexibility. Do You Have Plans For Your Space?

I am a paralegal for the Federal Government. My fiancé is a retired physician. Newly retired. Right now, with all that is going on, we don’t have time for hobbies. We plan to grow into that space, once life begins to settle down a bit.

What Are You Most Excited About For Your Future at Eden Brook?

For me, I’m looking forward to that large kitchen and having my very first Thanksgiving with my family. I love the island and the screened porch, where I look forward to enjoying my morning coffee.

What advice can you give to other prospective homebuyers about going 55 and forward at Eden Brook?

It has been a very enjoyable experience. Working with Catherine has been a delight. She’s been very responsive. We’re really excited that Eden Brook is directly across from a shopping center, so for groceries and that sort of thing, we don’t have to go far. There are two churches immediately very close to the neighborhood and we’re looking very forward to becoming a part of that community. And its location is very close to our adult children and family. We’re just excited to move in and get settled.