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Love At First Step. Advice From Another Belgrave Homeowner.

Posted on August 12, 2020 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Love At First Step. Advice From Another Belgrave Homeowner.

At Miller & Smith, we always believe one visit changes everything. But for this first timer, all it took was one step in the door and he knew this was the one. Bobak’s love affair may have started with the Belgrave’s chic, city-style , but it was the beauty within that took this love at first sight moment and had him placing his view on the future. Stylish good looks. A totally unique personality. Ready for any party. And a fourth-floor bedroom suite, even Mom would love. In Bobak’s new house, everything and everyone has their perfect space and place.

Read on for more from this first-time homeowner’s experience.


Who Lives In The Home With You?

It’s me and my elderly mother. This home suits us well because she can have her own space with the fourth-floor bedroom option. And the dogs love the house too. It’s definitely a big home.  It’s more than enough space for us.

What Sold You on the Belgrave?

This is my first home. And when I walked into the Belgrave I knew that was it. I’ve followed Miller & Smith since the Brownstones , following where they build. So when I walked into the Garden District and into the Belgrave, I knew that was it. First step in and I knew this is the one I was going to buy.

How is the Belgrave Different Than Other Models You Toured?

It’s unique. It’s completely different and something you have never seen before – that’s why I liked it. I like unique style and I felt like it kind of resembled living in a city home in an urban environment. I’m not really into townhouses – and although this is a townhouse, it doesn’t feel like a townhouse. It feels more like a single-family home because of the layout.

What Has Become Your Favorite Space In Your New Home?

My favorite space is the kitchen and dining area. I like to entertain. It’s an entertainment home and an entertainer’s dream for sure. Everything is perfect for me. I also love having the three balconies. I even had one of the balconies extended out 13 feet. And half of my house overlooks the gardens.

What Is It About The Kitchen That You Love So Much?

The fact that the kitchen is separated was my selling point. That is exactly what makes it feel more like a single-family home. It has a way of feeling open concept while still maintaining your privacy. Someone can sit in the entertainment room and you can be in the kitchen and not bother each other.

What Are You Looking Forward To In Your New Home?

I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I like to entertain and I actually already had my birthday celebration here this summer. And having such an entertaining house, I see a lot of parties and gatherings in my future, putting that 20’ foot long dining room to good use.

Any Advice For Your Future Neighbors?

You will love it. Just go for it. I’ve actually seen people outside looking at the home and I always tell them, “just go for it.” If you like it, do it. You won’t regret it. Everything is perfect. You’re going to end up loving the space and figuring out how to make it yours