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Life in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area: A 3-Part Exploration–Part 1

Posted on June 10, 2021 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

The Baltimore-Washington metro area is an unbelievable place to call home—full of convenience, opportunity, adventure, and beauty. This is why Miller & Smith has been working hard since 1964, becoming the area’s premier homebuilder and real estate developer. We’ve built nearly 20,000 single-family homes and townhomes throughout the area.

From, Stafford and Loudoun County in Virginia, to Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick County in Maryland, Miller & Smith has built some of the Baltimore-Washington metro area’s most innovative and imaginative new home communities. The homes we bring to the region are luxurious, spacious, and contemporary, providing every room and feature desired in an ideal home.

Join us in a series of three blog posts as we explore the benefits of living in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, and how Miller & Smith homes provide the ideal place here for new lives to grow. First up, we’ll be highlighting the area’s many job and research opportunities, and its excellent education and healthcare.

Job and Research Opportunities

The Baltimore-Washington metro area has a strong jobs market for many different types of industries. To be close to the nation’s capital is a calling card of a high level of success, and as such, many businesses flock to the area.

This is a boon for job hunters. First time job seekers are in the perfect place here, as LinkedIn’s 2021 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired research found the Baltimore-Washington metro area was the #2 place in the country for entry-level openings. The highest concentrations of these available jobs are normally in health care (more about that later), software, and transportation. And we mustn’t forget about Amazon’s HQ2 campus, which was forecasted to add 25,000 new jobs to the area.

Even in our slowly waning socially distant times, the MD Department of Labor reported that April 2021 was the twelfth straight month of jobs growth. That’s right: through the pandemic, this part of the Baltimore-Washington metro area continued to add jobs month after month for an entire year.

As referenced above, much of the region’s jobs are in or involve research and technology. Our area is full of some of the most advanced research facilities on the planet and certainly in the country. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, NIST, Fort Detrick, USDA, and Lockheed Martin are just some of the research-rich enterprises that drive the future.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t single out Loudoun County, the home of over 60 data centers. It’s been estimated that 70% of global internet traffic passes through our local data centers, proving Loudoun is (and has been) a booming home for information technologies and research.

Exemplary Education and Healthcare

The job and research opportunities have benefited the region’s education and health care, and vice versa. It becomes a chain of community strength: strong educational beginnings bolster the job market (particularly in research and the sciences), which, in turn, builds a more robust healthcare system.

The schools, particularly the public schools, in the Baltimore-Washington metro area are very strong indeed. Using 33 different metrics to measure educational systems (including ratings for quality and safety), one ranking of public-school systems by state placed both Virginia and Maryland schools in the top 10. Virginia has the fourth-highest math test scores in the country and both Maryland and Virginia scored above the national average on the ACT test (8% and 16% higher, respectively).

Many of the nation’s best health care locations and services have been built on this strong education foundation. Holy Cross Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, NIH, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins Hospital are just some of the esteemed health care options in the area. When looking at access to care, quality of care, and overall health of the population, Maryland and Virginia have been ranked in the top 24% by U.S.News & World Report.

The job and research opportunities, education, and health care are just some of the reasons Miller & Smith is proud to build new homes here. We provide homebuyers—our new neighbors and friends—with award-winning (over 500 to date!), stylish, and luxurious places to call home, where they can then branch out and become one with this amazing region.

Stay tuned next month for Part 2 of our series exploring the benefits of living in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. In our next blog, we’ll examine the diverse culture, unique history, and all the delicious dining and drinking experiences you can only find here. Come hungry, thirsty, and curious!