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Life in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area: A 3-Part Exploration—Part 2

Posted on July 6, 2021 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Since 1964, Miller & Smith has been the Baltimore-Washington metro area’s premier homebuilder and real estate developer. We’ve built nearly 20,000 (and counting!) single-family homes and townhomes here, giving homeowners beautiful places to experience everything this region has to offer.

Our homes are luxurious, spacious, and contemporary—full of every finish and feature—and can be found throughout Stafford and Loudoun County in Virginia, and Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick County in Maryland. We pride ourselves in building some of the most innovative and imaginative homes in the area.

Welcome to Part 2 in a series of 3 blog posts exploring the benefits of living in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, and how our homes provide the ideal setting for lives to thrive. In this second post, we’ll be highlighting the area’s rich culture and history, and phenomenal dining and drinking destinations—the two are often side by side!

Culture and History
The culture and history of the Baltimore-Washington area is a microcosm of the culture and history of our entire country. As main areas of commerce during the nation’s formation, this region has always been an important hub of creation, industrialization, and dedication.

Since the 1700s, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. have grown largely due to the industry and progressiveness of their residents. From the grid street pattern designed by George Washington-appointed Pierre L’Enfant of Washington, D.C. (then known as “Federal City”) to the ports of Baltimore that boomed when Dr. John Stevenson began shipping flour to Ireland around 1750, a spirit of innovation has pushed the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area ever forward and left its mark in every corner.

The War of 1812 saw a lot of D.C. burned to the ground. But when the British soldiers turned north to Baltimore, they found themselves facing (and eventually defeated by) the peerless Baltimore Clippers: ships of unmatched speed and maneuverability. In fact, it was during the Battle of Baltimore that Francis Scott Key (then a British prisoner) wrote the lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner—which premiered in Baltimore in 1814.

And when the Erie Canal became incredibly popular and threatened this area’s commerce, Baltimore stepped up again. On July 4, 1828, the B&O Railroad began construction. By 1852, when it was complete, a standardized rail size had been created, the steam engine had been completely redesigned, and Baltimoreans had created the world’s first long-distance railroad, first passenger railroad, and first railroad to climb over mountains. Nothing can stop our ingenuity!

Memorials and statues have been built: monuments that people from all over the country and world make special trips to visit. Theaters bring entertainment and explore new ideas; embassies invite guests to our country with vibrant customs and flavors to share. And the Baltimore-Washington area welcomes it all with open arms, blending diverse styles, customs, and histories into a culture unlike anywhere else.

Dining and Drinking Destinations
As stated before, dining and drinking go hand-in-hand (hand-in-mouth?) with history and culture. With such a distinctive blend of traditions, and traditional foods and cooking methods, this area is an explosion of culinary and liquid delights.

There are (at the time of writing) 23 restaurants in Washington, D.C. with Michelin stars. A multicultural melting pot where flavors such as French, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Mexican, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Moroccan, and Lebanese (to mention just a few) meet and create a fusion of delicious delights.

There’s also the abundance of fresh seafood from the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. There’s just nothing like a fresh Maryland crab cake seasoned with this area’s own creation: Old Bay. Started in 1939 by German immigrant Gustav Brunn as the Baltimore Spice Company (now owned by McCormick Spices), Old Bay has been produced in Baltimore ever since. And don’t even get us started on the moist, marinated, and melt-in-your-mouth wonder that is the Baltimore pit beef sandwich.

But you can’t just have all this good food without something to wash it all down! Good thing DC has a multitude of breweries—many offering tours, tastings, and attached restaurants or pubs. And Baltimore loves brewing so much, it has a place called Brewer’s Hill! Brewer’s Hill is the home of the National Brewing Company (brewer of the iconic lager, colloquially known as Natty Boh) and the now-repurposed Gunther Brewing Company (closed after almost 70 years of brewing, and transformed into a marvelous mixed-use building called The Gunther). Water, water, everywhere, and LOTS of drops to drink!

The history, culture, and dining and drinking destinations are just some of the reasons Miller & Smith is proud to build new homes here. We provide homebuyers—our new neighbors and friends—with award-winning (over 500 to date!), stylish, and luxurious places to call home, where they can then branch out and explore this amazing region.

Stay tuned next month for Part 3 of our series exploring the benefits of living in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. (And if you missed it, you can find Part 1 (Career & Educational Opportunities) here.) In our next blog, we’ll examine all the incredible outdoor activities our area is known for. Get ready to hike, bike, boat, camp, ski, and hit the beach!