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Kitchens for Today’s Modern Home Lifestyle

Posted on May 5, 2017 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

During our 53 years in business, Miller & Smith has recognized that for many homebuyers, the kitchen is one of, if not the most important part of a home. We design this space in each of our homes to accommodate to the way people live today. As the hub of your everyday happenings, our kitchen designs are effortless, deliberate, welcoming, and personalized. If is sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), read on to discover the modern kitchen designs in each Miller & Smith home!

Cavalier Townhome at Embrey Mill



We know that when you buy a new home, you expect it to offer conveniences that you won’t find elsewhere. In each of our kitchens, ample cabinet space allows you to store endless amounts of cooking gadgets, while a large amount of counter space provides plenty of space to work and move around.


Criswood Model Home at Courthouse Manor



If you feel like the kitchen is for more than just cooking, you are surely not alone! Our kitchen designs recognize that all families live differently, and that is why we ensure that the kitchen can serve as a multipurpose space. Equipped for cooking, eating, gaming, working, or simply gathering to socialize, we create a space for you to make your own.


Windchase Model Home at Cayden Ridge



What is a modern kitchen without top of the line features? To get the most out of a brand new home, we design our kitchens with features that will last and make you want to spend time in the space. Our kitchens feature gorgeous countertops, often granite, large kitchen cabinets, and hardwood flooring. Additionally, we work with you in our design studios to help you pick the details that meet your personal aesthetic.

Merrimac Model Home at Cayden Ridge



Just because you are cooking in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t also watch TV, or chat about your day with the kids while they play. We design our homes to make with the kitchen connected to other main rooms of the home, like the dining room or great room. Our infamous kitchen islands are also large enough to seat an audience when you are whipping up a masterpiece!

The Hedgebrook Model Home at Cayden Ridge

When you’re ready to discover the perfect kitchen for your family, our model homes will be waiting for your visit! Visit our website or contact our sales managers today to learn more about other features of brand new Miller & Smith homes!