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Homeowner Julius talks about his new home at Belmont Bay

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Sometimes, excitement just can’t wait. And you know that’s the case when you’re deemed the “Mayor” of Beacon Park at Belmont Bay even before the moving truck arrives. Listen to Julius, one of our newest homeowners and hear all about what made him become the unofficial spokesman for Miller & Smith. From quality, distinction, relationship building, attention to detail and one visit that changed everything.

According to his experience, when “everything just lines up perfectly” you know you’ve found the one. And that is the biggest statement of all for this Beacon Park homeowner.

Julius was everyone’s favorite neighbor from day one. His excitement over the process and the final results are worth sharing.

Striking good looks and equally hardworking. When it comes to his favorite room, Julius pulled out all the stops on his new kitchen.