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Holidays, Repurposed. Sanity Saved.

Posted on December 13, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

I think we all can agree that this is the most wonderful, albeit busiest, time of the year. From holiday home decorating and marathon cookie baking to finding the perfect gifts and traveling to be with family, sometimes the thought of fighting through the holiday shopping masses is enough to summon a Clark Griswold style meltdown. With the advent of social sharing sites like Pinterest and a growing appreciation of recycling, homemade gift giving is easier than ever. Check out these holiday gift ideas that prove it’s easy being green. 



These holiday luminaries will warm up any porch, fireplace mantle or front window. Simply remove the label and wash a tin can thoroughly. You can use anything from a small soup can to a large coffee tin. Using the pointy end of a nail, hammer snowflake and star patterns into the outside of the can. When you are satisfied with the design, insert a tea light, cozy up on the couch and enjoy the soft glow of your handiwork.


 Dressed Up Vases

If you have extra scraps of wrapping paper lying around that are too pretty to throw away, simply wrap the paper around the base of a glass or tin flower vase. Use double stick tape to secure to the vase seamlessly. Arrange your favorite flowers in coordinating colors and dress up your family’s holiday food spread. 


Candle Holder Masterpiece

If you’re a parent, you are no stranger to the never-ending stream of artwork gifted to you by your child. With only so much refrigerator real estate, finding the perfect place to display it can sometimes be troublesome. That is until you discover the candleholder masterpiece. The perfect grandparent gift, this candleholder displays your child’s artwork in a way that actually can fit into your home’s décor. Simply wrap the artwork, trimmed to size, around a glass holder. Attach with double sided tape for a clean seam and voila!


Holiday Sweet Treat Boxes & Tins

Probably one of the most universally loved holiday gifts are homemade sweets and treats. You can make that gift even more special by presenting your goodies in beautifully wrapped holiday packaging. Hold onto your tin foil and plastic wrap boxes, as they make beautiful presentation pieces. For extra sturdiness, cover the box in duct tape. Then take your favorite decorative paper and wrap the box securing with craft glue. You can add your own adornments such as twine, buttons or ribbon to accent your package. 


 For another option, dress up commercial cookie or popcorn tins by lightly sanding, then spray painting with the lid still in tact. A few coats may be necessary to reach the finish you desire. Then simply decorate the box with string, greenery, ribbons, ornaments, etc. The possibilities are endless, so get creative!


Gift Tags

You are sure to receive baskets full of holiday cards this season. Put them to good use by making gift tags for your holiday packages. Trace your gift tag on the backside of the card and carefully cut out with scissors. Using a small punch, place a hole in the desired location on the tag and secure to your gift with a colored ribbon, sting or twine. 


Winter Wall Décor

Dress up your walls or give the gift of custom artwork this season. To achieve this look, take lace or paper doilies and place onto a plain, white canvas using spray adhesive. Add a layer of white paint to the surface of the canvas for a uniform, monochromatic masterpiece.