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Guest blogger: Tommy, age 6

Posted on May 1, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

One day my mom said she wanted to go house hunting which really made me laugh cause my mom doesn’t even own a bow and arrow.

I said I’d go get mine but she said we’d start by just looking so we got into our car and drove to a place with lots of new houses called¬†One Loudoun.

That’s when my mom started acting really weird. As soon as we walked into this one house she got really quiet and just started nodding a lot. I asked her if she was okay but she just kept saying she was home, she was home, she was finally home.

I told my dad to call an ambulance but he said not to worry that mom was just excited. My mom said I should go upstairs and pick out my new bedroom.

I picked this really cool bedroom called a master suite. It was so big it even had its own screened-in fort!

Plus it had a giant bathroom with two sinks, one for me and one for Mr. Hoppers. My mom will be so excited our family frog can finally live inside with us.

Before we left, my mom and dad were talking to a really nice lady in the kitchen. She worked for the house company that made all the houses. She told me all about this awesome new movie theater that just opened right down the street.

She also told me about this professional baseball team that’s going to be moving into the neighborhood next year.

I can’t wait to meet them. I’m totally going to invite them all over to play in my new screened-in fort.

– Tommy