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Get Your Yard Ready for Spring and Summer

Posted on March 20, 2017 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

If you’re not the biggest fan of cold weather, you’re in luck because spring is officially here! At Miller & Smith, our new home designs focus on providing your family with amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy, and we want yours to be in tiptop shape for the warmer weather. Check out our tips below for getting your yard, patio, porch, or deck ready for springtime!


Collect your tools & supplies

At the beginning of every spring season, it takes a bit of time to recover the gardening tools from behind the winter shovels and snow sleds. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin gardening or lawn care, including tools, seeds and soil, and machinery like a lawnmower. A nearby home supplies store is sure to have everything you need to get started!

Clear the way

Clear your yard of leaves, sticks, and debris that may have accumulated through the fall and winter months by raking everything into piles. Alternatively, sweep and hose down your porch or patio to clear off some of the dirt and dust.

Plan a vegetable & herb garden

Take advantage of yard or patio space by starting a vegetable or herb garden so you can enjoy fresh produce throughout the warm months! Place your garden strategically, allowing the sunlight to shine on it for the majority of the day and make sure to use the right soil. There are always specific crops that thrive in different climates, so do your research to see when you should plant specific produce that grows well in the region.

Prep the ground

Before you do any yardwork or gardening, it is very important to prep the ground to ensure that the quality of plants remains A+ throughout the spring and summer. After clearing your yard, aerate your yard to allow for nutrients, grass seed, and water to better penetrate the ground. Now is the time to get down and dirty and weed and clear the garden beds, and add a nice thick layer of fresh mulch!

Accessorize your porch or patio

If you have a new Miller & Smith home with a beautiful patio, porch, or deck space, there are even more opportunities to add to your outdoor spaces! Not only can color be brought in with flowers and plants in your gardens, but also you can make a fun and vibrant space with colorful accessories. Add some fun outdoor pillows and cushions, or a modern garden statue.

Bring the birds

Some are not a fan of the birds hanging around the outside of the house, but birds are actually great assets to your open outdoor spaces. Birds feed off of insects that some gardeners work tirelessly to get rid of, but they also eat seeds from unwanted weeds that can spread quickly otherwise. Place a bird feeder or two in your yard for a little extra help controlling bugs and weeds!

Spring into the warmer weather with these tips to get your outdoor spaces ready, and you will be all set to host a backyard barbecue or wine tasting on the deck! To learn more about the outdoor spaces offered in new Miller & Smith homes, check out all of our new home collections here.