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Get Organized With Your New Miller & Smith Home

Posted on January 6, 2018 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

It’s almost time to go out for errands, but you can’t find anything in your tiny, jam-packed closet. When you finally get what you’re looking for, you find out your son has lost his jacket in the spot you designated as the “everything bin”. As soon as you run out to go to the car, you realize the front door is not locking properly. Time for an upgrade? We know just what you need.


A new home doesn’t just offer a new, great location to live, but there are so many ways a new home lends a hand to organizing and refreshing your life. Miller & Smith is known for paying attention to home details, big and small, that mean the most to families today. Whether it’s thoughtfully designed storage spaces or flexible rooms that you can make your own, our new home designs are everything you need to enhance the way you live.


Modern appliances

Did you ever hear your parents say, “it’s just one thing after the other”? Well not anymore. Say goodbye to constant maintenance calls and the leak that just won’t stay sealed. Modern appliances are built better than they have ever been before and are engineered to withstand the test of time. This leaves you room in your schedule for the important things in life.


Room for it all

Closets in every bedroom, kitchens built with tons of cabinet space, optional storage in the lower level … must we go on? See for yourself in any of our model homes: the space to store, hang, stowaway, or collect, is never-ending in all of our new home designs.


Spaces that make sense

Sometimes, we walk into older homes and wonder why they were built a certain way because it just doesn’t make sense now. In our homes, you won’t think twice. Conveniences such as family foyers and upper level laundry rooms are built into home designs to make your life a little easier. Our 50+ years of homebuilding experience have truly taught us what works, what doesn’t, and what our homebuyers want most, including spaces that just make sense.


New everything

Remember that jammed front door we were talking about earlier? Purchasing a new home means that everything is new. From the floors to the ceilings and all of the features in between, nothing beats the quality and convenience of a brand new home that you’ll be proud to call your own.


Room to breathe

All of our single-family and townhomes feature modern, open plans that encourage interaction, family time, and entertaining. We broke down the walls (literally) of traditional living styles to create large open areas that families look for in new homes today. Alongside the open floorplans are of course other spaces to unwind, to play, spaces for me time, and spaces that you can personalize to fit your lifestyle.


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself and your family organized with a new Miller & Smith home in any of our new home communities in Virginia or Maryland!