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Forecasted Home Trends for 2017

Posted on October 16, 2016 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

With another new year fast approaching comes another forecast of home design trends that you will be itching to try! We scoured our resources for the top trends that are expected to be the most popular in 2017 so that you are totally prepared to decorate your new Miller & Smith home! Let’s check out the forecasted trends below:


Cork – An often overlooked design element, cork brings a unique look to any part of your home. The natural but soft texture is great for breaking up modern details, like on the surface of a coffee table, or as picture frames on a wall.


The at-home bar – Once considered somewhat of a luxury feature, at-home bar areas are now becoming the new norm! There are so many ways to incorporate a small bar area into your home, like utilizing a built-in shelf or a glitzy bar cart.

The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station
The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Vintage goes Modern – In design, what goes around comes around. You can bet that vintage furniture is back, but will be getting an update with modern fabric or a cool paint job. Start heading on over to your local vintage furniture store now to grab some awesome pieces for your home!


Jewel Tones – In 2016, it was all about the neutrals and gray tones, but according to trend forecasters, 2017 will be all about jewel tones. Colors including dark green, rich purples, and even deep pinks are expected to be a big part of design next year, and not just with details; jewel-toned furniture is definitely coming back!


Plush headboards – Last year was the year of iron headboards, bringing an industrial look to home design. In 2017, expect to see soft headboards upholstered in luxurious fabrics and tufted with button designs.

The Hartwood at Embrey Mill
The Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Indoor escapes – In the age of technology, it is going to be more and more common to find quiet escapes in interior design, like a reading nook or a small quiet corner for painting. Create your own small at-home escape by placing a super comfy chair in a spot of your home with no obvious distractions like a TV.


Black stainless – Earlier this year, we predicted that black stainless would be a huge hit in 2016. Although we haven’t seen it booming into home design quite yet, we think 2017 will absolutely be the year of black stainless appliances and kitchen/bath details.


Terracotta – The color is already prominent in fashion trends this fall, but we expect it to trickle down into interior design trends starting next year. Terracotta is a great addition to any home to make it a warmer environment, whether you utilize the actual terracotta material or simply the color for a rustic touch.

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore
The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Now that we have you excited to decorate, it’s time to find your dream home with Miller & Smith in any of our new home communities! Visit to check out our immediate delivery options, new home communities in Virginia and Maryland, and communities coming soon!