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Find Your Heart in Your New Miller & Smith Home

Posted on February 5, 2024 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Where is your heart?

And by that question, we mean: What makes you fall in love with a home and know it’s “the one?”

It’s different for each of us, but there is always (at least) one thing that makes our home instantly feel like home.

In a new home by Miller & Smith, there are so many places and features to steal your heart. Let’s look at just a few in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The Kitchen in Your Miller & Smith Home

If you do most of the cooking, your heart might be in the kitchen. When you tour one of our new homes, what will you see? First, you’ll be greeted by all the space our kitchens offer. Space for small appliances, space to prepare ingredients, and space for more than one family member to be working in the kitchen at the same time.

You’ll also love the gorgeous layout of the kitchen (i.e., where everything is located) and how much storage is in each cabinet and the roomy pantry. You’ll be able to spread out prep work on the large kitchen island (with optional extensions in some of our homes), which will also serve as a wonderful place to present your culinary creations.

And if you also love grilling outdoors, a space for that is also important to your heart. As many of our new homes come with optional decks and/or porches, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone who prioritizes the kitchen in their new home to find the perfect spot to grill to their heart’s content!

The Primary Suite in Your Miller & Smith Home

Decorate it with LED candles. Sprinkle it with rose petals. Scent the air with relaxing lavender. There are so many things you can do to your main bedroom to make it a relaxing and soothing personal oasis. But that’s not the main reason you’ll find your heart in the primary suite of your new Miller & Smith home.

Our homeowners say the primary suite is where they find their heart because of all the space. It’s a luxurious amount of space that can be found in the main room, the gigantic walk-in closets, and the spa-like primary bath (which often has upgrades available to make it even more of a relaxing paradise). You’ll have more room to stretch, more room to cuddle, and more room to breathe.

Extra options in some of our primary suites include tray or vaulted ceilings, ceiling beams, deluxe baths, and even a secondary suite! If your primary suite is your special place, then you will surely find your heart there with our magical designs.

Fall in Love with Light in Your Miller & Smith Home

Some of our homeowners find their heart in all the rooms of their new Miller & Smith home because of all the big windows. Big windows let you enjoy views of your wonderful neighborhood, of course, but they also welcome in lots of natural light!

In the dining room, in the study, in the loft, in the bedrooms and suites, windows grace the walls of many of the spaces in your new home. Because all Miller & Smith homes feature Low-E Glass windows, you’re protected against unwanted UV rays. They also reduce heat transfer which makes it easier for your HVAC system to heat and cool your home—and minimizes fading of furniture and flooring.

And on those perfect weather days, you can open the window and let in not only natural light, but also fresh air. Open a window or two on one end of your home and another at the other, and the breeze that sweeps through will add a special smile to your face as it brings with it bird song, the scent of freshly cut grass, and the sounds of kids playing in the community. Everything that makes home, home!

Your Heart is in Your New Miller & Smith Home

As you can see, the easiest answer to “Where is your heart?” is, “Everywhere in my Miller & Smith home!” You’ll find it in our attention to detail, wonderful features, spacious rooms, and commitment to homeowners.

So, find your heart in a new Miller & Smith home: The perfect way to truly celebrate Valentine’s Day!