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Everything In Its Place: Tips for Keeping Kid Clutter Free

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

If you are a parent, you are keenly aware of the ongoing campaign to curb kid clutter. There are those overwhelming days that it seems nearly impossible to keep your home clutter-free of the inevitable daily mess. From the never-ending trail of books and toys to the exponential increase in dirty laundry output, a parent’s work is never through.  With an action plan in place and a few mottos to live by, you will become a maven of managing the mess.

Live by the motto “everything has its place.”

Each room in your house serves a unique purpose. Kitchens are for cooking. Offices are for working. Master bedrooms are for moms and dads. Teach kids to contain toys to one or two areas in the house. Kids bedrooms and playrooms are perfect areas for playtime. Without being a drill sergeant, this tip will ultimately prevent the toy takeover of your home.  And each night before bed, put things back where they belong. 

Land of Nod:
Land of Nod Storagepalooza:

Toy bins and baskets are great storage solutions for quick clean-up. If these containers start to overflow, sort through and get rid of what you don’t need.

Clear bins with lockable lids are perfect for storing off-season clothing, toys and sporting goods. By creating a routine and making behaviors habitual, clutter-free living becomes simpler and more manageable.

Mod Mom Furniture Owyn Toy Box:
Mod Mom Furniture Owyn Toy Box:

Adopt the One In, One Out Rule.

Unlike in the movie “Toy Story” toys really do NOT have feelings, so get rid of items that are unused, not useful or no longer loved. Sorry, Buzz Lightyear. For every new item you buy, get rid of an old one. This adds a new perspective when comtemplating a purchase and ultimately prevents over-accumulation, which is the easiest way to curb kid clutter. Decluttering kids toys before birthdays and holidays are easy ways of remembering this tip. Always organize your items into two piles: one for donating to charity and one for trash. If you’re giving away toys, furniture, or baby items, make sure they aren’t broken, have all their parts and haven’t been recalled. If you’re donating clothes, toss the ones with stains and tears. Enlisting your kids in the process of donating by choosing where to send items not only will help them experience the joy of giving, but will teach them immeasurable life lessons.