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The Coolest Home Gadgets to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Posted on December 4, 2017 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Whether you have just moved into your new Miller & Smith home this year, or are looking to purchase in the future, we have great news: some of the most innovative home gadgets are available now! Where the convenience of your brand-new home meets even more convenience of the hottest tech gizmos, you’ll have your own smart house in no time! Not only do these make great gifts for your family members and friends, but you may want to put one or two on your wish list this holiday season as well. Take a look at some of our picks below:


For the multitasker

While your hands are messy cooking up a storm in your brand new Miller & Smith kitchen, ask this little robot-like device to read the next step of the recipe, crank up the tunes coming through the speaker, or call your family member to wish them a happy holidays! If you’re not sure where to look, both Amazon and Google have multiple size and capability options.


For the sleeping beauty

Sleeping in on a lazy Sunday always sounds amazing until all of a sudden, the sunlight comes through the window and shines onto your face like a laser beam. Do you get up to close the blinds or just bury yourself under the covers? With the latest technology in shades and window treatments, you can remain in bed and shut the blinds using a remote, or sometimes, an app on your smartphone.


For the entertainer

Smart light bulbs pack a huge punch when it comes to those who love entertaining or relaxing with a nice ambience. From colored light, to dim light, and even moonlight, the lighting options with smart bulbs are sure to please anyone. These LED and energy efficient bulbs can give you control of your lights through your Wi-Fi with voice control or even when you’re away via your smartphone. A few options can be found at tp-link and Philips.


For the cleaning connoisseur

Far from where the robot vacuum started, there are many more options on the market today so that you can pick the one that is right for your household. Turn it on and let it glide across your brand new hardwood floors, picking up every crumb or piece of debris without a scratch!  Compare them all here:


For the forgetful ones

Always forgetting your keys or having to run up and down stairs to open the front door for guests? Not anymore! With smart locks, you can unlock and lock your exterior doors through an app on your smart phone. Some smart lock technologies even let you unlock doors when you’re away from home, just in case the kids are home early from practice and don’t have their house key.


For the household chef

A busy dad or mom on the go doesn’t always have time to be home all day to slow cook a meal, which is why these cooking gadgets are perfect for busy families. Connect these cookers to your smart phone to monitor the progress of your meal, change settings, and get notifications. You can even turn them on or off while you’re out getting last minute gifts. Our favorite options found are a crock-pot and a sous vide.


Now that you’ve added a few things to your home gadget wish list, your new Miller & Smith home will be the tech hub of the neighborhood! For more information about the modern features and finishes in our new homes, visit