We all know the routine: a card, some flowers, some chocolates, and a meal at a fancy restaurant.

To many of us, that’s what Valentine’s Day means each and every year.

Same thing, different year.

It gets monotonous, stale, and expected.

It’s time to break the mold and discover something …

You know it the moment when you wrap your scarf a little tighter.

You know it when you pull your hat down more to cover your ears.

You feel it the first time you step out into the wind, and it tries to push you back inside.

And when your …

The new year is almost upon us.

It’s a time for new beginnings—for finding new patterns and new places.

And there is no better place to start a new year than in a new Miller & Smith home.

Each expertly built new home throughout Virginia and Maryland is further proof …

Thanksgiving is full of delicious favorites.

Turkey and stuffing for some, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts for others.

It’s also a time of connections—of coming together with family and friends to celebrate all those things that make you want to come together in the first place!

But Thanksgiving isn’t just …

Fall is a time when the weather changes as much as the leaves.

Both relax and cool down become something wholly special. Miller & Smith understands special, as we pour it into every new home we build in Virginia and Maryland.

The communities in which we build provide all sorts …

Mud room.

Drop zone.

Family foyer.

It’s a room with many names and many uses.

It’s a command center for your adventures, a Swiss Army knife in room form, and a spaceship airlock that helps you transition from inside to outside and back again.

It can be an improvised space, …

When you search for a new home, you spend a lot of time looking at floor plans.

Dark black lines that draw out a two-dimensional representation of each home.

Often, they have measurements or even drawings of some furniture, but they are still flat.

The first time many people get …

Chantilly, Virginia: an area that started as farms and grew up along with our country.

It’s also the perfect location for your family to grow up, providing many unique opportunities and experiences in Northern Virginia.

And there’s no better place to call home in Chantilly than The Retreat at Westfields

Virginia drivers are the worst.” – Maryland driver

“Marylanders don’t know how to drive.” – Virginia driver

Our Great Falls are better than your Great Falls. I’d never live over there.” – Both drivers

The Potomac River that brushes shores in both Maryland and Virginia often seems like a …

Ellicott City is a beautiful place to call home.

Full of history and awash with natural beauty, it’s no surprise that Money often includes Ellicott City in their annual “20 Best Places to Live in the United States”(number 10 in 2021).

Ellicott City near Patapsco by Miller & Smith This best place to live was the perfect location …