Reasons to Purchase a Quick Move-In Home From Miller & Smith

Thinking about purchasing a new home, but don’t have time to wait for your new home to be built? At Miller & Smith, we have a handful of brand new, move-in ready homes in communities with ideal locations and unique amenities perfect for your family! Just some of the reasons to choose a quick move-in home are:

Less wait time

If you have enough time to work with Miller & Smith to build your dream home from the ground up, then we are in! However, if you want to move in ASAP, then a quick move-in home is a better option for you because it is just that: a completed home that you can move into quickly.

Top-grade finishes

If you haven’t toured one of our immediate delivery homes, you are in for a real treat! Our quick move-in homes are equipped with a variety of luxurious finishes like hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless appliances, a gas fireplace, a gourmet kitchen and more!

Relocate with ease

Our immediate delivery homes are perfect for any family looking to relocate to an ideal location in Virginia or Maryland! The process will take a lot less time and you will be able to get settled into your new home sooner without having to wait on previous owners to move out.

Preview the finished product

Since many of our immediate delivery homes are either finished or near completion, you will be able to see the finished product before you purchase. There is no better feeling than falling in love with a home while touring it in person and being able to purchase it right away.

Now that you know just some of the many benefits of purchasing an immediate delivery home, check out the list our completed homes for sale below and view photos and more information in the link here:


QMIs at Aspen North at Lake Linganore




QMIs at Signal Hill Station




The Ingredients for Your Perfect Neighborhood [Infographic] recently published a list of the ingredients that make a neighborhood great according to a handful of experienced realtors. Below, check out which Miller & Smith communities have these neighborhood features nearby.


Townhomes: The Perfect Entry Level Home or If You’re Looking to Downsize

If you’re in the market for a new home, there are many options to consider, such as location, price, and style. At Miller & Smith, not only do we have new single-family homes available, but we are also expanding our brand new townhome communities in amazing locations. Continue reading below to discover the many benefits of owning a brand new townhome, why many homeowners love them, and where you can purchase a new townhome from Miller & Smith!

In more recent years, townhomes have made a huge comeback in the new home market. These homes are perfect for entry-level homebuyers and millennials who are tired of paying the high rent costs, in addition to those who are looking to downsize. Townhomes are also a great alternative to higher priced single-family homes because they still provide the same feel with other added benefits. There are many reasons that families choose to purchase new townhomes as opposed to single-family homes in the market today, and here are just a few!

·      Ideal locations: New townhomes from Miller & Smith are conveniently located near, and often times within walking distance, of popular shopping, dining, and recreation, while still being far enough from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

·      Less maintenance: Townhomes offer many of the same benefits as single-family homes without a ton of maintenance like exterior upkeep and yard work, so you can spend more time relaxing in your new home. 

·      Comparable to single-family homes: New townhomes from Miller & Smith offer the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms as many single-family homes, in addition to modern, open floor plans and garages. 

·      Sense of community: Shared community features and amenities create a social environment where your new neighbors quickly turn into friends and there are plenty of opportunities to connect with your community.  


Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Here at Miller & Smith, we currently offer brand new townhomes at Signal Hill Station in Manassas, VA, and will be expanding our townhome communities to Brambleton, VA, and Frederick, MD. Brand new townhomes from Miller & Smith provide stunning architecture with contemporary floor plans and design options for today’s living! To view immediate delivery townhomes available now at Signal Hill Station in Manassas, VA, visit

For more information on our townhome offerings in Virginia and Maryland, visit and make sure to sign up for updates on all of our new home communities here:


Discover The Perfect Place at Signal Hill Station

Take a look at our latest infographic showcasing all of the features at Signal Hill Station in Manassas, VA — The Perfect Place for a Miller & Smith home.

Our Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

When you think of your dream kitchen, what do you envision? In every Miller & Smith home you will find beautiful kitchens with design features that will make all of your dreams come true! Take a look at many of the must-have kitchen features in brand new Miller & Smith homes! 

The Union Station at Signal Hill Station

The Union Station at Signal Hill Station

Granite Countertops

Today, granite countertops are on the top of everyone’s list! Not only is the look and feel of granite amazing, but also it comes in many different colors, and is heat-resistant! These are just a few reasons why granite countertops are available in Miller & Smith homes! 

The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

The Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Large Island

One of the home features that many Miller & Smith homeowners love is our Signature Infinity Island. The infinity island or other generously sized kitchen islands allow for plenty of counter space to cook, entertain or be a kid’s homework spot.

The Verde at Victory Lakes

The Verde at Victory Lakes

Open Plan

When you are carrying a hot pan or sharp utensil, the kitchen is the last place you want to be cramped for space. Open kitchen layouts allow for more room in the kitchen so while you are prepping the salad, someone else can be making dessert and you won’t get in each other’s way! 

The Beachcomber at Millville By The Sea

The Beachcomber at Millville By The Sea


We think that many others will agree when we say that the kitchen is a central part of a home! It is where families come together to spend quality time, whether it is for dinner, game night, or just to catch up after school and work. Therefore, we think that plenty of seating is important. All of our home designs allow ample seating around the island, where you can fit 4 or more stools.  

The Silverton at Aspen North

The Silverton at Aspen North

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a stylish way to bring softer light into your kitchen, without sacrificing brightness or style. Pendant lighting is usually placed above kitchen islands and comes in a variety of options! 

The Hartwood at Embrey Mill

The Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Stainless Appliances

The luxury of stainless steel appliances is on many people’s must haves list and for good reason! We offer many Stainless appliances options, including many that are EnergyStar rated ones. Create a luxurious feel, while saving on your energy costs with these high quality products.

The Calahan at Aspen North

The Calahan at Aspen North

Hardwood Flooring

Kitchen flooring has seen a large transition over the years. While tile used to be the most popular kitchen flooring option, hardwood is a more coveted style in today’s new homes. 

Visit for more information on the homes featured! 

The Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Home

It’s that time of year and spring is finally here! Although it may be one of those dreaded tasks, spring-cleaning is more than just physically cleaning your home. When it’s over, you will be able to spend more time enjoying the nice weather and your new Miller & Smith home! Follow the ultimate spring-cleaning guide below for each room of your home to ensure you don’t miss a single spot!

Your Entire Home

Before focusing on one room, it is easiest to complete a few cleaning tasks throughout the whole house while you have that heavy vacuum out! The first thing you should do is vacuum and wipe down the walls and ceilings for loose dust that might fall later on (if need be, remove any scratches or scuffs). Vacuum, spot clean, and dust off your upholstered furniture next, starting from the top down. Vacuum and sweep all of your flooring, and when complete, shampoo carpets and use a special cleaner or Swiffer on your hardwoodfloors. Focus on the windows and baseboards next by removing all of the smudges and dust.

The Union Station Townhome at Signal Hill Station


No matter how many bedrooms your Miller & Smith home has, it is important to get through all of them to ensure your entire home is ready for springtime! Change and wash all of the bedding, including the pillows and comforters. Fold and store away any cold-weather bedding such as extra blankets or flannel sheets that you won’t need until next winter. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, start to clean out your closets and drawers, creating piles of clothes to donate, to throw away, and to store.

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore


Even if your bathroom looks clean, you should take the time to wipe down the shower, tub, sink, toilet, and tile grout to say goodbye to any bacteria that could be hiding (All-purpose bathroom cleaners are great for this!). Throw away anything in your cabinets that is old or past the expiration date to keep your medicine, makeup, and toiletries nice and fresh. If you want to take cleaning the bathroom to the next level, start making a list of things you need to replace, like hand soap or expired products that you intend to keep using.

The Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore


When it is time to clean the kitchen, we recommend starting at the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Throw out expired items and anything that has acquired so much frostbite that it is unrecognizable. Next, clean the inside of your appliances like the oven, the fridge, the microwave, and the toaster. Last but not least, sanitize the counters and other surfaces where you prepare or eat food.

The Verde Townhome at Victory Lakes


Bookshelves may be the dustiest part of your home because of all of the nooks and crannies, so take the time to clear the shelves and wipe off the dust. Organize papers from your desk one pile or drawer at a time, separating them into files that you need to keep, need to toss, and ones that you need to take action on.

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore


Take the time to clear out all of the fall and winter debris that may have accumulated in your outdoor areas. Sweep the porch or patio, clean and rinse off outdoor furniture, and make sure your grill is hooked up and ready to go!

The Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore


Because every brand new home from Miller & Smith comes equipped with a garage, you will have plenty of space to store your miscellaneous equipment and supplies. Cleaning out the garage is more about organizing and storing things in a convenient way, so put the sleds and snow shovels towards the back, and bring the fertilizer and garden tools out front and center!

When you are done with your spring-cleaning, you will be refreshed and ready for what the warm weather will bring. For more information about new Miller & Smith homes and how they can be yours this spring, visit our website at


Home Features Trending Now: Total Home Trends

Because we want to keep all of our homeowners and homebuyers in the know, we have put together a list of home features that are trending right now! Although home trends are ever changing, we are seeing new home trends borrowed from other art forms. There are so many great trends to share with you, so we decided to do a two part blog series. In this first part of the series, we will discuss home trends you can incorporate throughout your entire Miller & Smith home!

Grand Central Townhome at Signal Hill Station

Blending of Indoor/Outdoor Spaces: It is normal to find a home with some kind of outdoor space, whether it’s a small patio or an expansive deck and yard. This year, builders are really pushing the limits on blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Some ways to do this are to use seasonal sliding doors, a semi-covered outdoor space, or utilize indoor-like furniture outside and vice versus. Check out our Grand Central Model’s (pictured above) deck/screened porch that is adjacent to the spacious great room, which allows for desirable indoor/outdoor living opportunities.

Industrial influences: For a few years, we have seen industrial influences starting to creep into residential spaces, and now it is one of the most desired styles. By incorporating elements like iron hardware, exposed brick, concrete, steel, and other raw & rough materials, you can create the feeling of a refurbished space. Industrial spaces are all about getting down to the bones of a structure – or at least making it seem that way!

The Calahan at Aspen North

Mixing vintage and contemporary: If you are wary to create a space in your home that is too modern, look into ways to mix vintage and contemporary styles. Take some cues from the kitchen in one of our newest model homes at Aspen North (pictured above), which displays an amazing blend of the two styles. While elements such as the backsplash, countertops, and appliances give off a contemporary vibe, the light fixtures, furniture silhouettes, and décor create a more aged look.

Vintage nickel & brass hardware: As we know there are only so many hardware materials and finishes that can be utilized in a home. You may have seen nickel and brass hardware before, but this year is has come back with a twist. These materials have been given a vintage treatment to make the hardware look worn. The style of this hardware lends itself to many trends we are seeing this year, where builders and designers are leaning towards industrial or vintage styles.

Stay tuned for the second blog post about this years top home trends where we will focus on the kitchen and bathroom!


Spotlight On: The Grand Central at Signal Hill

The Grand Central is one of two brand new home designs offered at Signal Hill Station in Manassas, Virginia. This stunning townhome boasts a spacious three-level floor plan with 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5-3.5 baths, a 2-car garage and up to 2,288 square feet of space. The Grand Central is a truly “grand” townhome with a stunning, spacious feel you’re sure to love. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look inside:

Great Room: The Grand Central’s spacious great room features an open floor plan, with expansive windows that let in plenty of light. The design of the Grand Central’s great room also includes an optional fireplace, and leads to an optional deck, fully screened porch or combination of the two for the ideal indoor-outdoor living space!

Kitchen: The Grand Central’s kitchen includes two walls of distinct cabinetry, state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances and an oversized granite island for even more counter space.

Dining Room / Flex Room: The dining room, which also doubles as a convenient “flex-space”, is able to effortlessly fulfill a number of uses, whether you’re looking to use this space as a dining room, additional living room or study. As you can see, the expansive windows let in plenty of light and truly illuminate this flexible space!

Master Suite: Moving onward to the upper level, the Grand Central’s Master Suite includes an optional tray ceiling. Complete with an expansive walk-in closet and a deluxe master bath with his and her vanities, this is one master suite you’ll never want to leave!

Additional Bedrooms: Last but certainly not least, the upper level of the Grand Central is also home to 2 additional bedrooms, each with plenty of space and a sizable closet. There is also an option to add a 4th bedroom to the lower level of this home to give you even more living space.

For more on this truly stunning townhome, be sure to check out the Grand Central on FacebookHouzz and Pinterest!

How To Throw an Amazing Fall Housewarming Party

Congratulations! You just bought a new Miller and Smith home in a great location with features that have exceeded your expectations. Now what? It is time to throw a housewarming party to show off your new digs and meet the neighbors! Miller and Smith wants to bring you all of the tools that you need in order to celebrate and get acquainted with your new home, so here is a step-by-step guide on how to throw a housewarming party this fall!

Step 1: Choose when the party will be

After just moving into your new home, planning a party won’t be the first thing on your mind. The truth is, your home does not have to be perfectly decorated and photo-ready before you host a housewarming party. The whole point of the party is for your guests to get a good look at the house and socialize with you and your family! If you can’t help but incorporate fall decor for a little something extra, check out our Pinterest for some great ideas!

Step 2: Choose whom to invite

When you are creating a guest list for these parties, there really is no rule of thumb. Housewarmings are usually very casual and a “come-and-go as you please” type of ordeal. Invite friends, family, new neighbors, your realtor, or anyone else who comes to mind! Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, your guests are going to appreciate a nice break from their own party planning!

Step 3: Pick out food and drinks

Again, housewarming parties are supposed to be casual, so pick easy to make and easy to eat foods. Focus on finger foods and small refreshments that people can easily pick up and carry around the house while they mingle with other guests. Food can be a great conversation starter, and it always brings people together! To incorporate some classic tastes and smells of fall, you can prepare a warm drink, create mini cups of soup, or light some candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

Step 4: Prepare for tours

It may get repetitive, but everyone is going to want a tour of the house when they arrive. Since most likely people will arrive at different times, be prepared to give a few separate tours. There is no need to rehearse anything for the tours, just be yourself and highlight your favorite aspects of your new home. A great way to bond with new neighbors is to tell them funny stories about a piece of furniture or how you let the kids pick their atrocious bedroom paint colors.

Step 5: Remember to socialize

It is easy to fall into the habit of talking to people that you already know at a party, so make sure you take the time to talk to everyone. The relationships you will start to build with your neighbors during the party could possibly last a lifetime, so put yourself out there! Of course, make sure to thank everyone for coming and for any housewarming gifts they brought!