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Can a bathroom save your marriage?

Posted on September 18, 2012 by Miller and Smith Blog Team


We’re no Dr. Phil but we do know a thing or two about relationships, commitment and the secret to living happily ever after.

Rule number one, always be honest.

Rule number two, laugh easily and often.

Rule number three, his and her features in a new home are really both for her.

Despite what our brochure says, those his and her closets in your new master suite are really meant for her clothes and her shoes, or her summer wardrobe and her winter wardrobe. (Besides, his stuff would be much happier in the guest room closet anyway, right?)

We know how the real world works. Which brings us to the point of this post, and the single greatest design feature ever invented for fostering wedded bliss, the his and her master bath. You can see one for yourself today in our new Gramercy Park model at Maple LawnNow unlike his and her closets, this feature is actually designed for him and for her.

Lots of master baths have two vanities, but this brilliant marriage-saving design goes one step further. It has two separate water closets (otherwise known as tiny rooms with toilets).

That’s one for her. And an entirely separate one for him that comes with its own door that you never have to open. Ever.

How perfect is that? The best part is, in addition to the two vanities and two water closets, the his and her master bath shares a giant shower. This is a family-friendly blog so we won’t get into the therapeutic, marriage-enhancing benefits of a giant shower, but you can do the math.

So back to our initial question. Can a bathroom save your marriage? Let’s just say if you make a living as a Marriage Counselor you might want to stay as far away from Maple Lawn as possible. This bath is bad for business. 

Come tour for yourself today.