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Benefits of Immediate Delivery Homes

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Here at Miller & Smith, we offer home buyers a unique opportunity (in addition to our robust collection of beautiful new homes), with our selection of masterfully-designed Immediate Delivery Homes. Immediate Delivery Homes, also known as an Immediate Move-In Homes, are new homes that are either fully-built (completed) or under construction (but near completion).

Immediate Delivery Homes offer a number of attractive benefits the average new home may not—such as already-included options and upgrades (in the case of completed Immediate Delivery Homes), and the option to decide a number final touches and finishes for themselves (in the case of under construction Immediate Delivery Homes) just to name a few. There are many advantages to buying an Immediate Delivery Home by Miller & Smith—here are a few on the top of our list:

1. The Sales Process is Quicker: With our Immediate Delivery Homes, the immediate benefit for prospective homeowners is that they are able to purchase a brand-new home without waiting months between closing and move-in due to construction, because construction on our Immediate Delivery Homes is either underway or completed!

2. Special Incentives for an Even Better Value: In addition to their speedy delivery time, our Immediate Delivery Homes are even more attractive to prospective homebuyers than ever before—because they include a wide variety of attractive benefits and special incentives! Check out our current Immediate Delivery listings for further details.

3. They’re Still Brand New: While construction is already underway (if not completed) in the case of many of our Immediate Delivery Homes, these homes are still brand new—we’re just a few steps ahead of you!

4. Seeing is Believing: Some prospective homeowners have difficulty making important decisions pertaining to a new home purchase—such as which home model is the best for their lifestyle, which optional features and upgrades to choose and the list goes on and on. But this hesitation comes as no surprise. However, since our Immediate Delivery Homes are already built, prospective buyers can tour the actual home they are purchasing.

5. They’re Available Now: One of the (admittedly obvious) benefits of our Immediate Delivery Homes is that they are available for immediate move-in, so you could move into your beautiful new Miller & Smith home as early as in a couple weeks!

Miller & Smith has a number of Immediate Delivery Homes available—from stylish townhomes at Gallery Park and Brambleton, to gorgeous single family homes at Marbury and simply stunning brownstone-inspired homes at One Loudoun. Check out our current inventory of Immediate Delivery Homes today, and start planning your move to the home of your dreams!