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A Thanksgiving in Your New Miller & Smith Home

Posted on November 4, 2022 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

Thanksgiving is full of delicious favorites.

Turkey and stuffing for some, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts for others.

It’s also a time of connections—of coming together with family and friends to celebrate all those things that make you want to come together in the first place!

But Thanksgiving isn’t just one isolated event. Rather, it’s a series of ingredients that mix together to create the perfect holiday experience.

And through it all, your new Miller & Smith home is the ideal stage for an easy and memorable Thanksgiving.

To better illustrate, let’s follow an imaginary Thanksgiving celebration through some of our Miller & Smith homes and see how they each support, facilitate, and increase the joy of this wonderful holiday.

You bring your shopping home for the big meal. Living in our Ranier model in the active adult Cascades at Embrey Mill, for example, makes the trip from garage to kitchen a snap. With plenty of storage for ingredients and oodles of prep space, your Thanksgiving dinner will quickly and easily be underway. And because you added the optional wall oven when you bought your home, you’re cooking and baking like a professional.

But as the aroma of the meal to come dances through your home, your guests begin to arrive. They are a little early, but you’re prepared—as is your home! In your Bradburne model home in Patapsco Crossing, you lead your guests through the entry foyer and into the spacious entertaining room. Here, they can enjoy the sparkle of your fireplace and some snacks, while you can stay part of the conversation as you finish preparing dinner in the open and connected kitchen. You are even able to entice a few guests to lend a hand!

Then the final timer goes off: Dinner is ready! Now imagine you’re in your new Clarion model home in The Retreat at Westfields. Here, you lead guests from your great room where they were relaxing, through the kitchen, and into your formal dining room. Full of windows, the autumn sunset perfectly complements your festive table decorations. Your guests take their places, smile at each other, and the big thankful meal begins. (And might we say, your cooking is delicious!)

Pretty soon, the sun has fully set, plates are finally empty, and everyone is sitting back in their chairs stuffed with good food. It’s time to retire back to your entertaining space to calmly finish off the evening. Back to the Bradburne model for this section of imagining, you lead everyone to the optional screened porch to get a little fresh air. Here you and your guests sit, continue to sip festive beverages, and chat about all the things over the last year you all are thankful for. Plus, the optional skylights let you gaze up at the stars and make predictions about what you’ll all be thankful for next year!

And then, as the conversation fades and yawns become more prevalent, it’s time to wind the party down and get some sleep. Good thing your Clarion home has so much extra room. Grandma and grandpa can take the first-level optional bedroom with nearby full bath. Your sister and her husband can have the third bedroom on the opposite side of the home as your primary suite for extra privacy. And the kids can camp out in the optional loft space in sleeping bags and indoor tents. It will be the perfect end to a perfect Thanksgiving.

Oh, but your holiday adventure isn’t over yet! It’s now the next morning, and we conclude this holiday scene at the Ranier, with so much room that all your guests will have their own spaces as they wake up. Some sit in your great room with a cup of coffee, taking in the beautiful views. Others opt for the optional screened porch to bask in the sunrise with a spot of tea. And still others sit along your kitchen’s large island and eat some leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast. Another fantastic holiday meal goes down in your family’s record book!

Since 1964, Miller & Smith has welcomed home almost 20,000 homebuyers in over 130 communities in our area. Our innovative and elegant homes and communities give families special places to celebrate holidays and every regular day in between. And it all begins with a tour, when you realize one visit to a new Miller & Smith home really can change everything. Happy Thanksgiving!