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A Day with Kerra Michele: Interior Design Pro

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Miller and Smith Blog Team

If you haven’t heard of Kerra Michele Interiors, then you are in for a treat! This gal is a super talented interior designer, but what many of you don’t know if you have not met Kerra, is that she’s also a very pleasant and genuinely nice person. Her down-to-Earth personality, cool girl style, and passion for her business make Kerra a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps, these are just the very reasons why she has been so successful!


It was a hot summer day in July when Kerra met up with us at Cayden Ridge before her design consultation with the winning homeowners from our One Visit Experience. Just to give you an idea of how awesome she is, this day happened to be her first day back from vacation, and her idea of the perfect vacation was a road trip through the Midwest with her dog.


Before her meeting, she so kindly agreed to sit down for a LIVE Q&A video with us so we could pick her brain and let you all get to know her more. Before the Q&A, we chatted with her about her road trip adventures, her cute as a button dog, and how excited she was to get started on this next project. Kerra is very easy to talk to and it definitely shows in our video! (See the full interview here.)


From a young age, Kerra could be found creating, but mostly she remembers frequently playing with building blocks and Lincoln logs as a child. She says, “From day one I was destined to be doing interiors or building in some way and just continued to live my life in a creative space.” As she went to school and grew into her career, she started a design blog to get her “creative energy” out there in place of settling for an unpaid internship, and eventually, her blog generated clients and that grew into her own business.


Today, Kerra would be getting to know our One Visit Experience winners, Brianna and Sean Chitsaz, to begin helping them design their dream home at Cayden Ridge. Her favorite parts of designing for her clients are firstly, getting to know them, and secondly, revealing her work to them at the end of the process.


First, Kerra sat down with them and went through the floorplan of their new Hedgebrook home. She had the couple pull out all of the samples that they had previously chosen with our team, including countertops, cabinets, and backsplash, to get a better idea of their style and what the spaces will look like. They then went through the plan to talk about how Brianna and Sean would envision each space.



The next part was very exciting, because they got to go into our Hedgebrook model home for a walkthrough. They went from room to room, talked about the best ways to use the spaces, what styles they liked, and everything in between! Kerra says, “My favorite part is getting to know the people who come to me. Getting to know their style and their personalities, and then translating that into the design of the space.”

After the three walked through our model home, they went a little bit further into details of the interests, colors, and styles that Brianna and Sean want in their home. We won’t give away too much about that just yet because we hope to share some of the “big reveal” later on!


Thank you so much to Kerra Michele and huge congratulations to Sean and Brianna for winning a design consultation with her at our One Visit Experience! Check out Kerra’s portfolio at and learn more about our new homes on our website.