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5 Tips to Spring Forward in Your Miller & Smith Home

Posted on March 1, 2024 by Web Dev

On Sunday, March 10, Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins.

It’s that time of the year where to celebrate the beginning of the wonderful season of spring, we lose an hour of sleep over the weekend.

That’s just a lighthearted way to look at it, but DST does have a significant impact in our lives.

This shift in daylight (first proposed in 1908, by an entomologist who wanted more light to collect insects) does coincide with an almost 19% increase in safety-related issues.

That one hour really does do more to our bodies than you might think. But there are steps you can take to make the transition easy: especially if you live in a new Miller & Smith home!

1. Begin Changing Your Daily Patterns Early

Everyone sleeps and wakes based on their circadian rhythm. In fact, everyone’s everythings are based on their circadian rhythm, as it influences all physical, mental, and behavioral aspects of your 24-hour day. The best way to get it used to the new time frame is to gradually let it adjust.

Spend 2–3 days (as recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine) before DST to change your patterns as best as possible. Begin having your meals a little later. Go to bed earlier. Give your body time to adapt to the time change before the time change occurs.

It’s much like running a marathon: You wouldn’t just jump into it without training. DST is a marathon that happens inside your body. So, giving yourself a few days to modify your routines and better prepare your body for the change will greatly help you.

2. Set Your Old Clocks Before Bed

This one might sound silly, but it goes along with the previous in a way. Being prepared means finding all your older time pieces (you know, the ones that don’t automatically update themselves) and setting them ahead the night before.

This might include things like analog clocks and watches, older electronics, and automobiles. Each of these has the potential to give you a scare if they aren’t updated. Just imagine getting into your car thinking you have extra time to get to work the next morning only to see the clock and now think you’re running late! It’s a horrible feeling and one that can be easily prevented with a little preparation the night before.

3. Eat More Healthy Foods

The fuel you put into your body is going to greatly affect how it adapts to the time change. Giving your body more healthy foods before and after DST will let your body have even more nutrients and vitamins it needs to adapt to the change.

Lucky for you, the kitchens in Miller & Smith homes are well prepared and designed to maximize your cooking efficiency. Take, for example, the Aurora—one of our Birchwood Courtyard Homes in Ashburn, VA. Here, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Its airy open nature makes it a joy to be in, while plenty of counter space (including the central island) give you room for all your extra appliances and prep work.

A large pantry also lets you store the ingredients you need to make the healthy meals your body craves. It’s a kitchen that sets you up for success in your mission to provide your body (and those of your family, of course) with the fuel you need to better adjust to DST.

4. Get Lots of Natural Light

One of the main things that affects your circadian rhythm is light. Light—specifically, natural light—provides our body clocks with the internal ticking that lets it know when it should be awake and when it should be asleep. Studies show light also directly affects our mood.

So, it’s important to get as much natural light as possible when going through DST. Again, Miller & Smith homes are here to help with an abundance of windows in each one. (They also often offer standard or optional outdoor living space, too, which allows you to bathe in the natural light your body craves.)

And the windows we use in our new homes are energy-efficient Low-E Glass, which lets in the natural light, without letting in the harmful UV rays. They also reduce heat transfer which keeps your home the temperature you like. Our Bradburne homes in Patapsco Crossing showcase our use of windows, including many in every bedroom and options for even more! Lots of natural light will help your body clock reset to DST much faster.

5. Take a Short Nap

The simple nap can work wonders when your body is getting used to the new DST schedule. Just don’t make it too long: 30 minutes is what’s normally recommended to give your body a quick recharge.

If you lived in one of our villas in Cascades at Embrey Mill, a nap in your primary suite would be easy as soon as you feel you need it. Exemplifying the joy of main-level living, these villas (like our Ranier model) tuck your primary suite in the back of the home for a little more privacy.

Close the curtains and drift away in your own little luxury retreat. Just don’t forget to set an alarm!

Spring Forward in Your Miller & Smith Home

Use these 5 tips to help spring forward without feeling the disorientation that DST can sometimes bring. Bonus tip: They’ll also help you adapt quicker if you travel through time zones as you need to make the same sort of circadian rhythm adjustment.

Spring is an exciting time when flowers bloom and birdsong fills the air. And it’s even more enjoyable when you experience it from your new Miller & Smith home!