10 Trending Colors to Use in Your Home Right Now

Every season, the influencers of design keep us on our toes by releasing color trends and predictions for all art forms, including home design. Because we like to stay on top of these trends, our model homes are the perfect place to get some inspiration for your new Miller & Smith home when it comes to decorating. Below, check out the trending colors that experts say are going to be hot this spring and summer, and see how you can easily utilize these colors in your own home design. Get ready to brighten up the color palette in your home, because gone are the days of allover neutrals!

Swatch credit: Pantone.com

Rec Room in the Calahan at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Greenery: This bright green color is surprisingly one of the easiest to incorporate into your home, because not only can you find accessories this color, but also seasonal plants can bring this color into your home with ease. Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017; so don’t expect this hue to go anywhere anytime soon!

The Great Room in the Foxton at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Flame: A fiery red/orange shade that is not one for the faint of heart, Flame is a universally appealing color and can be a great pop of color anywhere in your home. We recommend going easy with this shade by using it in small doses.

Bedroom in the Foxton at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Pale Dogwood & Pink Yarrow: Also known as “millennial pink”, Pale Dogwood has been on the up and up for some time now. Not only is it a hot color for home design, but also it is being used for just about everything else, from product packaging to clothing. Pink Yarrow is a newcomer this time around, as we haven’t had a bright magenta like this on the scene in quite some time. A great color for any kids room, it has a cool undertone so it will not blind your eyes if chosen as a wall color.

The Dining Room in the Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Lapis Blue: If you have visited our Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill, you should be very familiar with Lapis Blue, as it spans across the walls on the main level of the home. This deep blue is not quite royal blue, but not quite navy either; it’s a great in-between shade to use anywhere in your home.

The Great Room in the Hillwood at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Primrose Yellow: Although this sunny shade might seem very vibrant, intertwining a variety of neutrals throughout the room design can easily tone it down. This is perfect for anyone who wants to walk into his or her home and never be gloomy!

The Great Room in the Grand Central at Signal Hill Station

Hazelnut: As the only neutral in the top colors for this spring, Hazelnut is a perfect in between mixture of beige, tan, and warm light brown tones. Just the name Hazelnut makes it appealing, but the color is also gorgeous as a wall or furniture shade.

Bedroom in the Hillwood at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Kale: You don’t have to be a healthy eater to incorporate this veggie-inspired color in your home. Again, Kale is another perfect in-between shade, that is, if you’re torn between olive and Kelly green. By the way, do we also spy Primrose Yellow and Flame in this room?

The Great Room in the Hartwood at Embrey Mill

Niagara: Just one of three blue tones trending this season, Niagara is a dark turquoise that gives a playful and inviting feel to common areas of the home. It goes well with orange; it’s complementary color, yellows, and light neutrals such as eggshell or beige.

The Study in the Silverton at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Island Paradise: All in the name, this bright blue takes us back to our last tropical vacation that was way too long ago. Along with the other bright colors of the bunch, decorative pillows are an inexpensive and easy way to create contrast and add a pop of color in a room.

Of course, these are just some of the trending colors in home design right now, but choosing one of these will be a great start to creating the stylish spaces you desire in your Miller & Smith home!

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Spring Cleaning in 1 Day? How to Make It Happen

There are many things to look forward to at your Miller & Smith home during the springtime: playing outside with the kids, firing the grill up, and longer days! But wait, we didn’t see spring-cleaning on that list! Too often, people think of spring-cleaning as a long, drawn out affair that takes days and involves too much stress. We’re here to let you know that spring-cleaning your Miller & Smith home can be done in just one day! Don’t believe us? Take some of our tips into consideration and we bet you’ll have a stress-free day of spring-cleaning ahead of you.



In order to be as efficient as possible, it is always wise to come up with a plan of attack. Figure out which rooms you want to focus on the most, and how long you will aim to spend on them. Now is also a great time to see what cleaning supplies you have and if you need to stock up on anything else. If you have kids or a spouse helping out, make sure that everyone knows their jobs ahead of time! Tip: if you have a family, give the most attention to the rooms that get the most use, such as the kitchen and great room. Plan out your spring-cleaning the day before you begin, and make fun checklist posters to track the progress!


Divide and conquer

There’s no need to fight over who is using the vacuum! While one person is using the vacuum or mop or anything else you may want to use, take the opportunity to do another task. Gather up all the trash from the trashcans, change a load of laundry, or wipe down the counters. You’ll get twice the amount of cleaning done in the same time period!


Be realistic

If you want to go on a marathon 8 hour cleaning spree, that is up to you! More realistically, you will get tired and be less likely to clean as much as the hours go by. Choose one or two really important tasks that you want to get done (clean the fridge, purge your closet, etc) and focus on those before you get to other things. Chances are, you’ll feel much better about spring-cleaning if you get your most important items done and out of the way!


Do everything in bulk

It’s easy to get side tracked by small tasks that pop up out of nowhere. However, if you focus on cleaning all of the same thing at once, it’ll be easier throughout the day. If you’re going to wash your sheets, wash all of the sheets from every bedroom as well. If you’re cleaning your toilet (no one’s favorite), then clean every toilet and get it over with. Tip: split up tasks between floors. Tell your partner that you’ll do all the bathrooms upstairs if they take the ones downstairs. Teamwork makes the spring-cleaning dream work!



There’s nothing like a reward at the finish line to make you cross it! For the adults that are spring cleaning, tell yourselves that if you get everything done by happy hour, you can unwind with a nice glass of wine or even a night out. If your kids are helping you, let them stay up late to watch a movie or go out for ice cream. And even if you don’t get it all done, that glass of wine is still a good idea!


Spring is not only great for getting organized, but also it is the perfect time to move into a brand new Miller & Smith home, so check out our website for more information!


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Get Your Yard Ready for Spring and Summer

If you’re not the biggest fan of cold weather, you’re in luck because spring is officially here! At Miller & Smith, our new home designs focus on providing your family with amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy, and we want yours to be in tiptop shape for the warmer weather. Check out our tips below for getting your yard, patio, porch, or deck ready for springtime!


Collect your tools & supplies

At the beginning of every spring season, it takes a bit of time to recover the gardening tools from behind the winter shovels and snow sleds. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin gardening or lawn care, including tools, seeds and soil, and machinery like a lawnmower. A nearby home supplies store is sure to have everything you need to get started!

Clear the way

Clear your yard of leaves, sticks, and debris that may have accumulated through the fall and winter months by raking everything into piles. Alternatively, sweep and hose down your porch or patio to clear off some of the dirt and dust.

Plan a vegetable & herb garden

Take advantage of yard or patio space by starting a vegetable or herb garden so you can enjoy fresh produce throughout the warm months! Place your garden strategically, allowing the sunlight to shine on it for the majority of the day and make sure to use the right soil. There are always specific crops that thrive in different climates, so do your research to see when you should plant specific produce that grows well in the region.

Prep the ground

Before you do any yardwork or gardening, it is very important to prep the ground to ensure that the quality of plants remains A+ throughout the spring and summer. After clearing your yard, aerate your yard to allow for nutrients, grass seed, and water to better penetrate the ground. Now is the time to get down and dirty and weed and clear the garden beds, and add a nice thick layer of fresh mulch!

Accessorize your porch or patio

If you have a new Miller & Smith home with a beautiful patio, porch, or deck space, there are even more opportunities to add to your outdoor spaces! Not only can color be brought in with flowers and plants in your gardens, but also you can make a fun and vibrant space with colorful accessories. Add some fun outdoor pillows and cushions, or a modern garden statue.

Bring the birds

Some are not a fan of the birds hanging around the outside of the house, but birds are actually great assets to your open outdoor spaces. Birds feed off of insects that some gardeners work tirelessly to get rid of, but they also eat seeds from unwanted weeds that can spread quickly otherwise. Place a bird feeder or two in your yard for a little extra help controlling bugs and weeds!

Spring into the warmer weather with these tips to get your outdoor spaces ready, and you will be all set to host a backyard barbecue or wine tasting on the deck! To learn more about the outdoor spaces offered in new Miller & Smith homes, check out all of our new home collections here.


Who to Notify When You Move

Although it is a daunting task that comes along with moving, notifying others of your move is a very important step! Not only will it make your move go more smoothly, but also, this will ensure that the months following your move are stress free. With some help from Zillow.com, we have compiled a list of everyone you need to notify before or shortly after you move into your new Miller & Smith home!


Postal service

To avoid confusion down the road, let USPS know about your move and new address. This will also help them forward on mail that is accidentally sent to your old address. They have an official change of address form that makes it easy to start getting mail at your new Miller & Smith home.



Regardless of whether or not you are moving to a new state or just switching street names, in many states you only have a certain amount of time to change the address on your driver’s license. You may also have to wait until after you move to change this, but don’t put it off for too long.


No one wants problems with the IRS, which is why it is important to fill out their “change of address” form immediately after moving. This will make sure any important documents, such as your tax return, are sent to the correct address.


Bank & financials

Of course, you do not want bills, new credit cards, and especially any incentives or offers to go to the wrong home. Make sure to contact your bank and any credit card companies to let them know where to begin sending your statements.



Whether it’s your plethora of magazine subscriptions or your bagel of the month club (we don’t judge), make sure to contact the companies that you have subscriptions with. Because subscriptions are sent out at different times of the month, contact the company directly so they can help you determine when to switch your mailing address. We wouldn’t want you to miss a single bagel delivery!


Family and friends

Of course, many of your family and friends will already know that you are moving by the time you even begin to pack, but they are going to want your new address and contact information. Make a list of friends, family, and even former neighbors who would have a reason to need your new address, and send out an announcement to those people. There are so many creative ways to do this, so take a look at our Pinterest page for some great ideas!



When tax time comes around, you are not going to want to miss getting your tax forms in the mail. If you have switched jobs within the past few years, it may also be worth it to notify previous employers, just in case.



Depending on the area service providers in your new neighborhood, you may have to end service with your old provider and start service with a new one. If you plan to transfer the service to your new address, make sure to call and coordinate a date for the change to happen. Cover all of your bases for changes to your utilities, so that you don’t experience a gap in service or late charges.


Insurance companies

It is important to accurately report your address to all insurance companies, so that they can make you aware of any changes that may occur within your policy. This will also ensure all paperwork will be sent to the correct address, so claims and other issues can be resolved in a timely manner.


Schools & medical offices

This is an especially important step if you have children enrolled in school. If the kids will have to attend a new school, or a new medical facility, it is courteous to let the previous ones know of the change as well.


Government agencies

For purposes like the census, voting, taxes, and other government matters, you should absolutely look into which state or national agencies you must notify of your move.


Have you checked all of these off of your list? If not, make sure to take care of it before or soon after you move into your brand new Miller & Smith home, so you can spend more time enjoying the experience!


Source: zillow.com