Starting a Family? What You Should Look for in a New Home Community

Until now, you’ve only had to worry about the things that you wanted in a new community, but soon you will have a few more factors to consider. If you’re planning to grow your family, and are unsure where to start looking for your new home, let us guide you with a few helpful hints. Check out some of the important things you should look for in a community below:



A close-knit network

When you have a family, you don’t just want neighbors who live next door, you want neighbors who you can trust to recommend a pediatrician, the best local restaurant or show you around the community. Starting a family changes your lifestyle, and you will want to be among other homeowners, who share the same interests. Whether it’s yoga on the lawn at Embrey Mill, or a summer festival at Brambleton, there are always events happening in our new home communities to foster close relationships with your neighbors.

Great schools

Ensuring that your children receive a quality education is a large factor in deciding where to purchase a new home. In order to afford them the best opportunities later in life, and for further education, choosing a new home in a great school district is necessary. According to, all of our new home communities are located in top-ranked school districts, so when it comes time to choose one, there is no compromising a quality education for your kids.

2017 School District Rankings from

Loudoun County Public Schools: A+

Prince William County Public Schools: A-

Stafford County Public Schools: A-

Frederick County Public Schools: A

Outdoor community spaces

At Miller & Smith, open spaces are a priority when we are looking for locations to build our new homes. You will always find a variety of parks, playgrounds, and other unique outdoor amenities at any of our new home communities, so there will never be a shortage of space to picnic or teach your kids how to play soccer. Open spaces, like the ones pictured below, ensure that your children have room to play, exercise, and explore, which are all essential parts of a healthy lifestyle for your brood.

Baseball field at Signal Hill Park – Signal Hill Station and Cayden Ridge


Beach at Lake Linganore – Aspen North at Lake Linganore


In addition to open spaces for your family to enjoy the great outdoors, it is also important to have safe spaces to get around your community. Sidewalks are there so that you and your family can get from point A to point B safe and sound, without having to worry about the danger of moving vehicles around you. You will find this in many of our new home communities!

Whether you are looking into purchasing a brand new townhome, or a stunning single-family home, each of Miller & Smith’s unique neighborhoods are perfect for raising a family! Visit our website and Facebook page to learn more about our new homes and communities!




Creating an Owner’s Suite Oasis In Your New Home

It’s the end of an exhausting day at work, and you finally arrive back to your new Miller & Smith home. The last thing you want is to walk into your room to an overwhelming sight. Whether it be a mess, or just not a serene space. Our homebuilding experience has proven that we are experts in creating the perfectly peaceful owner’s suite oasis, so we are here to share our tips and tricks with anyone who is looking for just that!


Hide the clutter

If you’re utilizing spaces other than the large walk-in closet to store items, make sure to hide it as to not visually overwhelm the room. Under the bed storage is a great strategy, but you can also utilize storage furniture, such as an ottoman or bench, that will have dual purpose.

The Silverton’s Walk-in Owner’s Closet at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Get rid of the magnets

We are not speaking of the type of magnet you use to stick a photo to your fridge, but rather any furniture or corner of the room that somehow attracts a pile of clothes. If you eliminate these spaces from your owner’s suite, it will force you to put clothes away instead of creating even more clutter that you will have to clean up later.

The Grand Central Owner’s Suite at Signal Hill Station


Take 5 minutes

It’s not uncommon to have at least a few things out of place from a frantic morning or speedy exit, so take a few minutes when you get home to clean up. Going to bed without any mess will let you sleep peacefully instead of having a mental to-do list filled with loads of laundry and vacuuming.


The Hillwood Owner’s Suite at Evermont Trace at Brambleton

Utilize less saturated colors

Although we love a bright pop of color, try not to go overboard with brightly saturated colors. Surrounding yourself with neutral and toned down colors have proven to be more effective when trying to relax or unwind.

The Calahan Owner’s Suite at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

Bring in some spa vibes

Especially in the bathroom of your owner’s suite, there are plenty of opportunities to get inspiration from other relaxing spaces, like a spa or your favorite beach resort. Some ways to do this are to incorporate plants, candles, and even abstract artwork for a calming décor addition.


The Calahan Owner’s Bathroom at Aspen North at Lake Linganore

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New Home Trends for 2017 (Part II)

Looking to give your home a fresh new look for 2017? Check out a few of the top home design trends sweeping the nation in 2017, found within the stunning interiors of our model homes:

Wood Details Have Reemerged.

There’s no question that 2017’s new home design trends rely heavily on patterns and textures – and wood details are no exception to that rule! As you can see in the Great Room of our Foxton model home at Brambleton Evermont Trace, wood offers a rustic yet contemporary take on spaces that would most likely have been laid with stone, ceramic tile or brick based on previous years’ trends, such as on fireplaces, or accent walls.

Marble is Here to Stay.

Marble has been the epitome of elegance in the world of interior design for many years, and it isn’t a trend that is expected to go away anytime soon! You can now get the Marble look for less with gorgeous ceramic tiles that resemble this rich and regal look. You can see some of these stunning tiles in in our Hillwood at Brambleton Evermont Trace.

Cerused Wood is Making a Comeback.

Cerused wood has made quite a splash as of late, being praised by homeowners and interior designers alike for its distinct rustic elegance. It can come in many forms, for example in the Great Room of our Silverton model home at Aspen North, we’re able to achieve this refined rustic look with wallpaper.

Raw Whites Are Always In.

Crisp, clean white accents (and color palettes for that matter) are always in, especially in the kitchen! White color palettes create an undeniably simple yet sophisticated feel, as you can see here in the kitchen of our Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill!

The Devil is in the Nailhead Details.

Upholstery accents like nailhead detailing can create a bold yet classic look to any space, as you can see in the Dining Room of our Foxton model home at Brambleton Evermont Trace. This brilliant design trend lends a bold, intricate design element to otherwise simplistic pieces of furniture.

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