Why You Should Buy New, Now!

As the shrinking inventory of existing homes for sale continues to sweep the nation for the 19th consecutive month, according to National Association of Realtors, there is no need to fret. Here at Miller & Smith, we have a large offering of brand new homes to purchase right now, and we are continuously expanding our offerings to new communities and locations!


Not only do industry professionals recommend buying early this year, but also they understand why purchasing a new home is the best option for homebuyers right now. Below we are going to share with you the many benefits of buying a new home right now, in addition to what makes our new homes so desirable!

Communities with bells AND whistles

Today, purchasing a new home isn’t just purchasing a place to live, but a place to flourish! Create your own unique lifestyle by taking advantage of an array of community amenities at any of one of our new home communities. For those who are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, take a look at our single-family homes and townhomes at Embrey Mill. You can find kids frolicking in the parks, and neighbors attending happy hour at Embrey House. If you want a more sophisticated calendar of events, check out our brand new Next Level Homes at One Loudoun, just steps from Ashburn’s premiere shopping, dining, entertainment, and more!

Anyway you want it, that’s the way we build it

Unless you’ve opted to purchase one of our breathtaking immediate delivery homes, our experienced sales teams work closely with you to decide which available design options are right for you! Whether it’s choosing a fireplace for the great room, or treating yourself to a deluxe owner’s bathroom, there are options around every corner in your new home.

Everything in a new home is just better

Energy efficiency, modern technology, and included features that are anything but typical, are just a few of the features found in our new home designs. In older homes, you’ll be fighting your kids for the only open electrical outlet and shivering in your boots without proper home insulation. As we continue to bring new homes and new communities to the market, we work tirelessly to improve our home designs with top of the line materials and features so that our homeowners are set for life.

You will spend less money in the long run

Purchasing a resale home is a huge gamble, because you have no clue what kinds of issues you may have in the future; when your furnace decides to breakdown, there is no turning back. With a new home from Miller & Smith, you know exactly what your home is made of. From the supporting structure to the hardware on the cabinets, our new homes are built with state-of-the-art materials and technology to make your life safe and carefree.

Additional homebuilder benefits

In our continuing effort to keep our homeowners delighted, we’ve partnered with ProHome, a national leader in warranty management. Together, we’ve created EasyLiving, a program that combines a rock-solid warranty with proactive maintenance throughout your first year. In addition to your 60-Day and 11-Month Warranty inspections, you’ll enjoy three comprehensive “Handyman” sessions by NJ Consulting & Construction. Plus, full safety check-ups of your mechanical systems by Michael & Son. These services are only available with Miller & Smith at select new home communities! 

Explore our website at MillerandSmith.com or contact our sales team today so that we can help you find the perfect new home for your family!

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Saving Up for Your First Miller & Smith Home

You’ve sat down with your family and collectively decided that this is the year you will buy a new home! Before you even think about searching for your dream home in the perfect community, there are many steps you will need to take. The most important step, and the most challenging for some homebuyers, is saving up your funds. Check out some tips below that will make life a bit easier when you are working towards saving for your very first Miller & Smith home! 

Set a monthly budget

It may seem unnecessary now, but setting a budget will definitely help you stay on track. It you stick to it, it will force you to forego the little things, like buying that cup of coffee at Starbucks when you have coffee at home. There are many ways to stay on track with a budget, but one of our favorites is the free Mint app. This app lets you set a monthly budget for each category of your expenses and will periodically alert you if you’re getting dangerously close to reaching your limit!

Auto transfer into your savings

For a lot of people, the “don’t see it, don’t spend it” philosophy works great when trying to save money. Setting up an auto-transfer into your savings account monthly or bi-weekly is a good way to save for your new home without thinking too much about it. Similar to a retirement savings plan, it will add up more quickly than you think, and there are many different programs to help!

Set a goal

It’s a silly idea to begin saving for a home if you don’t have an end goal. According to Trulia, it is a safe bet to save at least 20% of a home’s purchase price, but aim to save more if you can! Even though you may not know exactly which home you would like to buy, browse locations and homes that may be within your price range and needs. This will give you a better idea of how much you should aim to save.

Make extra one-time payments

It happens to all of us: we receive a tax refund, holiday bonus, or birthday check, and it feels like they’re burning a hole in our pockets. These small chunks of cash may be rare, but it is very important to take advantage of the extra help! Instead of the “treat yourself” mentality, try your best to put any extra money towards saving for your new home.

Cut costs where you have the choice

Given the choice between plastic or solid gold, it is obvious which will cost more. With many choices you have to make, it is obvious which is the more economical route, and becoming aware of your options is necessary for saving. Pay attention to things like credit cards with annual fees vs. those without, and interest rates on things like student loans. Usually, there are a variety of options with different costs, but the benefits can be very comparable.

Whether you decide to save up for a spacious 3-level townhome at Brambleton, or a beautiful single-family home at Embrey Mill, Miller & Smith continually offers a variety of models that make the perfect starter home! Additionally, depending on which Miller & Smith community you decide on to purchase your first home, there are several preferred lenders that our sales team can recommend.

Explore our website to learn more about our new home communities in Virginia and Maryland!

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New Home Trends for 2017 (Part 1)

Looking to give your home a fresh new look for 2017? Check out a few of the top home design trends sweeping the nation this year so far. Many of them are found within the stunning interiors of our model homes:

Navy is the New Black.

While an all-white wash offers a crisp, clean look, navy is truly the new black in 2017. Navy offers a modern twist with a traditional feel, pairing well with almost any color palette! The bold blue and fresh, modern vibe of navy is truly remarkable – as you can see here in our Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill.

White & Wood Are More Than Just “Farmhouse Chic”

White color palettes with warm, wooden accents like this kitchen from our Calahan model home at Aspen North, put a modern twist on farmhouse chic. As you can see, warm wooden hues and crisp white color palettes pair perfectly, creating a simple yet sophisticated style you’re sure to cherish for years to come!

Beige is Back.

We all know that Grey has become the new beige, but in 2017 true Beige is making a comeback. Primarily beige color palettes are ideal when designing a warm, cozy atmosphere – as you can see here in our Hartwood model home at Embrey Mill.

Dark Greys & Taupes Are All the Rage.

Dark grey and taupe color palettes have become increasingly popular over the past year, resulting in Sherwin-Williams naming Poised Taupe their 2017 Color of the Year! As you can see here in our Hillwood model home at Brambleton Evermont Trace, dark greys and taupes add understated warmth to any space, creating a crisp yet calm and cozy atmosphere any new homeowner is sure to love.

Subway Tiles Are a Staple.

Subway tile offers a simplistic yet versatile accent to any space. As you can see here in our Foxton model home at Brambleton Evermont Trace, subway tiles are a simple, classic addition to any kitchen or bathroom, while maintaining a sophisticated look.

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