Home Features Trending Now: Kitchen and Bath Trends

Welcome to the second part of our home trends blog series! In this part of the series, we are going to share with you the top trending kitchen and bathroom features for the year. We are seeing an introduction to some brand new trends, and a revival of others – which makes the combination between the two an interesting mix. Check out the most unique kitchen and bath trends that we are seeing today:


  • Gray or black: Traditionally, we see a lot of stained wood or white cabinets in these spaces, but this year, gray and black cabinets are making a big impact.
  • Matte finish: The idea of a matte finish has trickled down through many categories such as art, makeup, and now home design! Matte is used to describe something that lacks shine, so it looks more dull and flat. (see picture below)
  • Flat front: While many cabinets still have some variation of a raised panel in the center, flat front cabinets are creating a super-modern look in today’s kitchens.

Sundancer Model at Millville By The Sea


  • Geometric: Patterned tiles are a great way to create a large statement in a central room of a home, such as the kitchen. Not only are geometrically shaped tiles being used, but we are also seeing tiles that have a 3D effect.
  • Colored glass: In years past, we saw a lot of ceramic tiles on backsplashes and showers, but now, colored glass tiles are becoming more popular due to their translucence.
  • Marble: Marble is another trend that has been seen throughout all types of creative industries, from fashion to home design. Most popular, is white marble or marble-like materials, such as the tiled shower pictured below.
  • Mineral & gemstone: Along with marble, mineral and gemstone tiles are a simple way to bring a little bit of luxury to any space. According to one of our favorite bloggers, Centsational Girl, minerals and gemstones are also being added to other features likes faucets, knobs and drawer pulls.

The Silverton at Aspen North


With the popularity of stainless steel, appliance companies began creating the option of a black stainless finish. This appliance finish is similar to stainless – only black instead of silver as the name suggests. The black stainless or graphite appliances also have less of a shine to them, but are not quite matte.

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Home Features Trending Now: Total Home Trends

Because we want to keep all of our homeowners and homebuyers in the know, we have put together a list of home features that are trending right now! Although home trends are ever changing, we are seeing new home trends borrowed from other art forms. There are so many great trends to share with you, so we decided to do a two part blog series. In this first part of the series, we will discuss home trends you can incorporate throughout your entire Miller & Smith home!

Grand Central Townhome at Signal Hill Station

Blending of Indoor/Outdoor Spaces: It is normal to find a home with some kind of outdoor space, whether it’s a small patio or an expansive deck and yard. This year, builders are really pushing the limits on blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Some ways to do this are to use seasonal sliding doors, a semi-covered outdoor space, or utilize indoor-like furniture outside and vice versus. Check out our Grand Central Model’s (pictured above) deck/screened porch that is adjacent to the spacious great room, which allows for desirable indoor/outdoor living opportunities.

Industrial influences: For a few years, we have seen industrial influences starting to creep into residential spaces, and now it is one of the most desired styles. By incorporating elements like iron hardware, exposed brick, concrete, steel, and other raw & rough materials, you can create the feeling of a refurbished space. Industrial spaces are all about getting down to the bones of a structure – or at least making it seem that way!

The Calahan at Aspen North

Mixing vintage and contemporary: If you are wary to create a space in your home that is too modern, look into ways to mix vintage and contemporary styles. Take some cues from the kitchen in one of our newest model homes at Aspen North (pictured above), which displays an amazing blend of the two styles. While elements such as the backsplash, countertops, and appliances give off a contemporary vibe, the light fixtures, furniture silhouettes, and décor create a more aged look.

Vintage nickel & brass hardware: As we know there are only so many hardware materials and finishes that can be utilized in a home. You may have seen nickel and brass hardware before, but this year is has come back with a twist. These materials have been given a vintage treatment to make the hardware look worn. The style of this hardware lends itself to many trends we are seeing this year, where builders and designers are leaning towards industrial or vintage styles.

Stay tuned for the second blog post about this years top home trends where we will focus on the kitchen and bathroom!

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Interest Rates at Record Lows

When you are thinking about purchasing a home, there are many factors that can influence your decision and what choices you have. Miller & Smith is proud to be one of the leading homebuilders in the area, with new homes in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Because interest rates are currently hovering at record lows in these regions, future homeowners have the best opportunity as they’ve ever had in recent years to snag the home of their dreams.

In Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware, mortgage interest rates continue to drop and are wavering around record lows. According to Zillow, based on a 30-year fixed mortgage with 0 points, the average interest rates stand at 3.43% (MD), 3.48% (VA), and 3.5% (DE) as of February 3rd – the lowest they’ve been over the past few years.

Photo Source: Zillow.com

Photo Source: Zillow.com

These local interest rates also reflect the nationwide decrease in rates over the last few months as shown by the Bankrate graphics shown below. Although this is true, interest rates in the local housing market are actually lower than current national average numbers.

Source: Bankrate.com

Source: Bankrate.com – Chart reflects national numbers

While many of our new homes are built in the DC Metropolitan area, these interest rates are also below the average national numbers as of February 3rd, 2016. According to Bankrate, a 30-year fixed mortgage will have a rate of 3.79% with 0 points, and a 30-year jumbo mortgage will have a rate of 3.59% with 0 points.

Source: Bankrate.com – Chart reflects numbers provided by mortgage lenders in DC Metro 

Although these low rates make right now the best time to buy a new home, they are projected to begin rising by the end of this year, according to experts. Part of the reason for this projected rate increase is due to the Fed’s plan to hike interest rates for the first time in over a decade.

Don’t wait to discover the perfect place for your new Miller & Smith home! Check out our communities throughout Virginia, , Maryland, and Delaware at www.millerandsmith.com.

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