Buying is Cheaper than Renting in the DC Area

Here at Miller and Smith, we are proud to continue building brand new homes in the most exclusive locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Many of our new single family and luxury town homes in MD and VA are located in the surrounding Washington D.C. metropolitan area. If you’re deciding between buying and renting in the area, buying is the smarter way to go! According to a report published by Trulia this month, buying a home in the DC area is just around 17% cheaper than renting.

When looking at similar reports from Trulia in the past, it has been cheaper to buy than rent in the DC area for some time now. In order to determine these statistics, Trulia created their own Rent vs. Buy calculator, which incorporates a number of different factors to determine which option is more wallet-friendly based on location. These factors include the averages of monthly rent, home price, length of residence, income tax rate, and mortgage rate. When all of these factors for the Washington D.C. area were plugged into Trulia’s equation, the outcome was that buying is 17% cheaper than renting.

We are committed to helping you find your perfect home in a premier location in the Washington D.C. area. Miller and Smith offers a variety of communities and homes to choose from, all with their own amenities and amazing locations close to popular shopping, dining, and entertainment. Since 1964 we have been helping homebuyers make their dreams come true, and you can be next! Stop by any of our sales offices today and let us show you why one visit can change everything.


2016 Homebuilding Forecast

It’s an exciting time to be a homebuilder: With the recession in our rear-view mirror, we’re seeing a renewed commitment to customized homes and an increase in homeowner investment. Looking forward to 2016 — Our forecast spans from industry-shifting technology to new types of living spaces and even a change in design aesthetic and appeal.

Programmable Homes

One of the most exciting trends in home development involves what experts call “The Internet of Things,” otherwise known as smart devices that connect to one another digitally. Gardner estimates that the Internet of Things industry revenue will exceed $300 billion by 2020, and total smart devices will amount to 26 billion worldwide. From smart thermostats which allow users to control temperature in their homes from their phones, smart outlets that can be turned on and off remotely, apps to control lighting, and even sensors which inform homeowners when a pipe has burst in their homes — it’s clear that the future of home design and development heavily involves the digital sphere. In fact, a huge number of big-name acquisitions have taken place over the last couple years, with Samsung purchasing SmartThings, Google acquiring Nest, Dropcam and Revolv and Apple’s announcement of HomeKit.

As the tech industry expands, more homes are coming equipped with devices that automate, regulate and truly expand the boundaries of modern systems, leading developers to push resources in equipping homes and staying up to date with innovation.

Rise of the Silver Tide

With the majority of Baby Boomers winding down careers and looking for their next dream home, there’s a growing market for homes that are geared toward this demographic. However, Baby Boomers aren’t ditching their single-family detached homes too quickly. With an ample retirement fund saved, those who can afford it are carefully considering future options, and want to make the right choice for the right price. Accustom to a certain quality of life, these homeowners will require all the perks, amenities and style of their current homes, but with specific built-in conveniences such as first floor master suites and easy maintenance yards that can best be achieved in a new home.

For some Boomers, living with family will be their next abode. This theory is supported by the growing trend that more than half of homebuyers aged 55 and older report that they’d prefer a home with an in-law suite, which is up from 28% in 2007. This brings us to our next trend…

Multigenerational Living Coming To Stay

As of 2012, more than 18% of adults are living in multi-generational households, comprising grandparents down to young children. This means approximately 57 million Americans — double the amount that lived in multigenerational homes in 1980 — are sharing homes with larger familial units. Whether this is by financial necessity or cultural preferences, it’s clear that home developers should keep this growing demographic in mind when designing. Basement bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, multilevel living and strategic use of space will all factor in heavily for this demographic.

In-Home Getaway Space

In 2016, relaxing on the living room couch won’t be enough: We’re seeing a serious growth in peaceful getaway spaces — or “retreat rooms” — that take the shape of a spa, meditation or yoga room. Complete with sound systems and hardwood floors, these spaces are designed for truly escaping distractions, devices and even other family members.

Flex Space

“Open floorplans” ring a bell? There’s little tolerance in the marketplace for the closed-off rooms of the past. The next evolution of open floorplans — flex space — is marked by a blending together of functionality and entertainment: The kitchen is adjacent and open to the great room, dining rooms double as a study, and mud rooms are perfect as craft rooms.


Urban Edge Arrives In The Suburbs

In terms of architectural aesthetic, the industrial spirit of urban space is making its way to the suburbs, as more recent college graduates transition to tech jobs in second-tier cities. Contemporary styling, exposed brick and industrial fixtures are must-haves for former urban dwellers.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living areas are no longer just for the warmer climates. Homeowners are increasingly looking to bridge indoor and outdoor living by infusing the convenience and comfort of indoors with the relaxing, spacious feel of outdoors. The result? An outdoor escape, perfectly equipped with all the amenities of indoor living. What was once a luxury has become standard and much more mainstream as homeowners want every inch of their homes to remain functional. Urban Edge  Delancy

Wave Goodbye To…

Soaking tubs. Gigantic soaking tubs were once the sign of ultimate luxury but now every homebuyer is seduced by a gadget-filled spa showers with multiple shower heads, side jets, and electronic water controls that allow you to control water pressure and temperature.

Getaway Space - Extra Large Showers

 • Kitchen desks. Once thought of as a convenience, desks in kitchens became more of a clutter headquarters than a helpful, office-like corner or a tech and charging center that’s tucked away in the family foyers (a.k.a., mud rooms) or upstairs loft.

8 Reasons to Love the Townhomes of Gallery Park

Our luxury townhomes at Gallery Park are without question the best new townhomes for sale in all of Clarksburg, MD! From their stunning designs and spacious floor plans, to their ideal location in Montgomery County, Maryland—there’s no question that the townhomes at Gallery Park simply can’t be beat. Read on to discover a few of the many reasons you’re sure to love our brand-new, luxury townhomes—currently available at Gallery Park: 

The Modern Townhome Designs: The townhomes from our Metropolitan collection feature expertly crafted, stunning designs with truly sensational style. Our townhomes at Gallery Park are sure to impress, with their dramatic feel and one-of-a-kind, modern designs—from their magnificent master suites and gorgeous great rooms to their top chef-worthy kitchens and beyond! For more on the dramatic designs of our townhomes at Gallery Park, be sure to check out the 2-Minute Tour of our O’Keefe model townhome.

The Spacious, Open Layouts: Take one step inside Miller & Smith’s townhomes and you’re sure to fall in love with their open, airy layouts! Many potential homeowners seem to be under the impression that townhomes are small and often cramped—which could not be further from the truth, at least with Miller & Smith’s townhomes! Our luxury townhomes at Gallery Park offer spacious 4-level floor plans with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1-car garage and over 1,800 square feet of living space. For more on the spacious layouts of our townhomes at Gallery Park, check out the O’KeefeTanner and Wyeth model floor plans today.

The Luxe Features & Finishes: The stunning design of our townhomes at Gallery Park are seamlessly complemented by the superb attention to detail and high-level of craftsmanship put into each and every one of our homes—sure to leave a truly stunning impression. Miller & Smith also offers new homeowners a wide variety of optional features and finishes to tailor their new home perfectly to satisfy their unique set of preferences! 

Superior Value: Why Rent? Miller & Smith’s new townhomes at Gallery Park offer superior value at a lower price point. Furthermore, our current selection of immediate delivery homes at Gallery Park offer an even greater value—with a number of unique benefits of their own! Check out our selection of immediate delivery townhomes at Gallery Park today.

Minimal Yard Maintenance Required: Another benefit of townhome living is that there is very little yard maintenance required.

Lower Energy Bills: New homes by Miller & Smith come standard with a number of energy efficient and environmentally friendly best practices built in! Miller & Smith offers homeowners new homes built to maximize the home’s structural integrity, comfort, and energy efficiency—resulting in superior energy efficiency, when compared to others on the market. For more on our home design and energy efficient practices, check out What’s Behind Your Walls?

The Ideal Location: Gallery Park’s location in Clarksburg, MD is truly ideal—because it’s close to everything! Located just 3 minutes from I-270, homeowners at Gallery Park have easy access to a wide range of shopping malls, restaurants, the best public schools in Montgomery County, and of course—the outdoors!

As you can see—townhomes at Gallery Park offer the perfect combination of convenience and minimal home maintenance, with plenty of living space. With all of these great reasons to buy a new townhome at Gallery Park, it’s no wonder so many choose to live in this ideal community! So what are you waiting for? Mail your last rent check ever, and make your move to Gallery Park!


Last Chance to Own a Single Family Home at One Loudoun!

Over the past few years, home buyers continue to fall in love with One Loudoun’s one-of-a-kind, mixed-use community time and time again—and it’s no wonder why! In addition to the community’s stunning streetscapes and beautiful new home designs, One Loudoun has earned its title as “Loudoun’s New Downtown” by offering a diverse selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment truly like no other.

With limited homesites remaining, the time to join the one-of-a-kind community of One Loudoun is now! Read on to learn more about our stunning collection of new homes, offered exclusively at One Loudoun:


Iconic Designs: Our stunning Downtown Collection at One Loudoun features two gorgeous Chicago-inspired brick front single family homes—the Greenwich and the Tribeca. The iconic brownstone style of these homes, paired with the modern, spacious floor plans and open layouts of the Greenwich and Tribeca, allow the homes to seamlessly fit into the streetscape of One Loudoun’s one-of-a-kind mixed-use community.


Modern Styles: These stunning single family homes offer innovative home styles with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and Chicago-inspired designs all their own. The chic yet classic style of these stunning new homes are sure to impress—as you can see here, with the Tribeca’s main level!


Magnificent Great Rooms: Magnificent Great Rooms such as this example from our Greenwich model home are a prime example of the luxe detailing and superior craftsmanship found in our homes—they are truly beyond compare!


Gourmet Kitchens: The gorgeous, gourmet design of the kitchens found in our Downtown Collection, such as this example from our Greenwich model home, are truly beyond compare. These top chef-worthy kitchens feature granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, distinct, top of the line cabinetry and large center islands for even more counter space!


Stunning Master Suites: Both of our single family homes boast luxurious master suites, with walk-in closets, impressive tray ceilings and deluxe master baths with his & her vanities,  along with a number of luxe details and fabulous finishes you simply will not want to pass on—as you can see here in the Master Suite from our Tribeca model home.


Luxurious Lofts: Both homes from our Downtown Collection offer open, truly luxurious lofts, ideal for a wide variety of functions, as you can see here in the Tribeca!


Spacious Studies: Studies such as this from our Greenwich model are ideal examples of the open, spacious design of the Miller & Smith’s Downtown Collection. Not only do our single family homes at One Loudoun offer plenty of space, but both the Greenwich and Tribeca also offer a number of truly amazing optional features—such as sleeping porches, lofts, special studio spaces over the 2-car garage, and more!

For more on our remaining Single Family Homes at One Loudoun, check out the Greenwich’s floor plan, and Tribeca’s floor plan today, along with this 2-Minute Walkthrough of our Greenwich model at One Loudoun on YouTube. Also, don’t forget to browse our selection of Immediate Delivery Homes at One Loudoun—available for immediate delivery!

Fall-Cleaning is the New Spring-Cleaning

Everyone knows that Spring is the quintessential time of year when everyone decides to deep clean their homes. Breaking news: Fall-cleaning is the new Spring-cleaning! Why? Because you have been outside all summer and neglecting the inside of your home. Here at Miller & Smith, we put together  just a few things that you can do during your new bi-yearly home cleaning in the fall season!

  • Sift through summer items – So summer has ended and you never wore that bikini you’ve been holding on to. Three words; throw it out.  The fall is the best time to go through all of your beach gear and summer clothing that you did not wear this year. That way next summer you can start with a fresh new slate and buy some new warm-weather items.
  • Make a list – Everyone has experienced the “oh my gosh” moment when we turn around and it’s already October. Summer is one of the busiest times of the year in which we celebrate beautiful weather, vacations, and time off of school. Over the summer season there are a lot of things that we meant to do, but never quite got around to it. Make a to-do list of the things that just slipped through cracks over the summer.
  • Sell your stuff – Before you know it, the holiday season will be at your doorstep. Utilize the fall as a primetime to clean and you will have the option to sell unwanted furniture, clothes, and other items online or in a garage sale. The extra cash will come in handy when it’s time to buy your loved ones some holiday gifts.  
  • Go through your finances – Evaluate your budget this fall to get back on track. During the summer months, we tend to overspend on things such as food and travel. Create a new plan for the rest of the calendar year so that you can get your finances back on track for 2016. Decide what you need to save for, bills you need to pay, and things such as monthly food costs or shopping allowances.
  • Deep clean – Autumn is one of the highest allergy seasons and it arrives quicker than you can sneeze. Think back to the last time you shampooed your carpets & upholstery or vacuumed in the couch. That’s right, it’s time again, because chances are, the spring and summer allergens & dirt are still trapped in there somewhere. You’re going to be spending more time inside during the colder months, so why not make your house squeaky clean!