Reasons Why a Townhome Could Be Perfect For You

Here at Miller & Smith, we know that not all homeowners have the same taste in home style. Preference in home style may change over time, depending on the homeowners wants and needs. Traditional single-family homes are ideal for many homeowners, but not all – and that’s why we offer beautiful, spacious townhomes as options in several Miller & Smith communities in Maryland and Virginia.  

If you’re on the search for a new home and fit the following criteria, a townhome could be the perfect choice for you!: 

·      You don’t have much of a green thumb – or the time for a lot of lawn upkeep: One of the most commonly cited benefits of owning a townhome is the little yard maintenance required. Townhomes typically have some outdoor space, but not usually as much as single-family homes – which is great if you’re not looking for a lot of lawn upkeep.

·      You love convenient amenities. Oftentimes, newly built townhomes are located in communities that offer convenient amenities for homeowners. Consider Miller & Smith townhomes, for example, located in the communities of Brambleton, Embrey Mill, Gallery Park, Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center and Victory Lakes, all of which offer excellent amenities for residents. Our Brambleton townhome residents in particular enjoy some of the best amenities available; a mixed-use community in Ashburn, VA, Brambleton offers various shopping and dining options, in addition to schools, pools and miles of trails to enjoy beautiful Loudoun County.

·      You still want plenty of square footage – for a great price. Homeowners may be under the impression that townhomes don’t offer much interior space because of their layout, but our newly built townhomes are incredibly spacious! What’s more, newly built townhomes by Miller & Smith offer an excellent value for the space offered.

If you’re still not convinced that a townhome can be the perfect option for you, all you have to do is visit a luxurious Miller & Smith townhome in one of our Maryland or Virginia communities! Spacious floor plans, modern features and impeccable design are all hallmarks of a Miller & Smith townhome, evident the moment you step through the door. 


The Allure of Loudoun County

At Miller & Smith, we carefully select the areas in which we build our new homes to maximize homeowner lifestyles. Whether it’s one of our communities in Maryland, Virginia or Delaware, Miller & Smith homes are located in prime areas across the mid-Atlantic region. Consider our homes in Loudoun County, VA, for example – our Brambleton townhomes, single-family homes at Marbury and One Loudoun single-family homes allow our homeowners to enjoy the very best of one of the country’s most exciting and dynamic areas. 

And we’re not the only ones who think Loudoun County is an amazing place to live! Popular real estate website Movoto named Loudoun County the best county in the nation because of aspects such as median household income, median rent and home price, and high school graduation rate. Read on to learn about other factors that contribute to the allure of Loudoun County for homeowners:

·      Fast growth: Loudoun County has experienced rapid growth over the past several decades to become one of the most exciting areas in the country. An area focused on agriculture for much of its history, Loudoun County’s population has nearly quadrupled over the past 30 years, and according to the Loudoun County website, the population is currently 330,000. Homeowners continue to move to beautiful Loudoun County and continue to realize all the benefits of living in this exciting, dynamic area.

·      Affluent area: It’s no secret that Loudoun County is one of the most affluent areas in the country. In fact, the most recent data puts Loudoun County at number two on the list of the most affluent counties in the nation (technically, Falls Church City, VA came in at number one – although it’s not a county, it has county-equivalent status as an incorporated city). With a median household income of $118,934, Loudoun County is certainly an affluent area, which translates to high quality of life for its residents.

·      Ideal location in Northern Virginia: There’s no doubt about it – Northern Virginia is one of the most exciting and desirable areas in the nation! High quality of life and proximity to Washington, D.C. are just two of the aspects that make the Northern Virginia area so great, and at Miller & Smith, we’re proud to build homes in the Loudoun County area of Northern Virginia. 

Whether it’s one of our beautiful Brambleton townhomes or a stunning single-family home at Marbury or One Loudoun, there’s nowhere else our Loudoun County homeowners would rather be!

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New Home Variety in Northern Virginia

Homebuyers certainly have it made in 2015 – the selection of new homes and townhomes throughout Northern Virginia is truly incredible!

Selection plays a big role in finding the home that’s perfect for you and your family. Why settle for something less than what you’ve imagined for yourself? And luckily, the entire Northern Virginia region has seen several improvements in local housing markets, encouraging both homebuying veterans and first-timers to step into the market this spring season.

Late last year, the Washington Post reported on the growing variety of new homes in the region. When commenting on the 2014 housing market, The Post notes the biggest change observed was in fact the number of homes on the market. The Northern Virginia suburbs saw increases as high as 40%! Increases as remarkable as 40% tell us “a lot about what to expect in the fist half of 2015 – more inventory means more choices for buyers,” The Post explains.

And, now that we’re well into the first half of the year, we can all agree that this year in housing has been a busy one. Sales figures have revealed promising patterns, and projections for the months ahead are just as exciting!

As a homebuilder in Northern Virginia, Miller & Smith defines variety. Building both townhomes and single-family homes in locations throughout the region, the communities we serve are as diverse as our portfolio. And if you ask us, choosing a new home with Miller & Smith is one of the best ways to take advantage of the improving and diversifying housing market!

So why not benefit from the incredible new home variety in Northern Virginia and start your home search with Miller & Smith? With so many reasons to buy a new home this spring, this is a wonderful opportunity to live in the house and community you’ve always dreamed of. Take a look at our new homes for sale and stop by to visit us soon!

Source: The Washington Post