Think Zero at Brambleton Skyview and Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center

It’s true; Thinking Zero really does buy you more! And now, our Think Zero promotion is available with Miller & Smith in two additional communities – Brambleton Skyview and Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center!

Brambleton Skyview – Ashburn, Virginia

Homebuyers can now also enjoy $0 down and $0 closing costs at Brambleton Skyview when using our preferred lender! New townhomes in the Skyview collection feature stunning Top Chef kitchens, sweeping home libraries, impressive great rooms as well as private outdoor spaces. Think Zero upgrades include $10,000 off a covered screen porch, $8,000 worth of free options and extras. With just $2,500, you can move into your new townhome at Brambleton Skyview!

Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center – Clarksburg, Maryland

Our new townhomes at Clarksburg Town Center is even sweeter when you Think Zero!  Prospective homebuyers will find $0 down and $0 closing costs when they choose our preferred lender.  Additionally, townhome buyers can receive free upgrades including a kitchen package with granite counters and stainless steel appliances – $1,000 total cash moves you in!  With penthouse master suites, open kitchens perfect for entertaining, and adjoining courtyards, our new townhomes at the Clarksburg Town Center are the place to be!

Also at Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center is our stunning single-family homes, offering $0 down and $0 closing costs with our preferred lender. Buyers can also enjoy a free rec room when they Think Zero!

*See community sales manager for even more Think Zero details – subject to terms and qualifying as per lender guidelines.  Prices, terms, conditions, and offer subject to change at any time.  Available on new contracts written between 1/24/15 – 4/30/15.

Living Big with Big Benefits.

Living in the DC Metro area, we are no strangers to high density living situations. And we all know what that can mean. Less space equals tight living quarters. In fact, smaller homes are becoming more and more the norm, so much so that you’ll have no problem finding advice online on how to decorate your small space, how to make the most of your teeny tiny home and of course, the many articles convincing you that there really are benefits to living in a “cottage-style” home. Let’s get real, though. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to settle and actually move into your new home and have everything you couldn’t ever want? At our Marbury community in Chantilly, you’ll quickly see why bigger is better. Gone are the days of deciding between a playroom for the kids and a place for your dining room table to live. You’ll even be able to store your bicycles in the garage instead of treating them like an art installation in your foyer. At Marbury, there’s a place for everything and then some. 

The homes are so big that they make hosting family and friends possible and, shall we say, even somewhat enjoyable. With extra bedrooms and a finished lower level rec room, you may even get past the three-day expiration when guests start to feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Forget about the notion of moving on up. Once you’ve settled on Marbury as your new home, you’ve reached the top. With the opportunity for up to 6 bedrooms, these homes will easily accommodate your growing family. Even when there’s an unexpected addition five years after you completed your perfect family.

A bigger home should mean there’s less clutter. It’s easy to keep everything in its place when there’s a place for everything in the first place. Just remember that each room serves a purpose, so use the space effectively. That means that kid clutter should be contained in the rec room.

At Marbury, these big homes have big benefits. Come take a tour of our decorated model and see for yourself why bigger is almost always better.

 Wide Open Spaces.

One thing’s for certain when you live in a Miller & Smith home, comfort has no boundaries. Known for its big, open, airy living spaces, these homes provide so many bright benefits. From great views and more natural light to the perfect entertaining space, there are so many reasons why these open floorplans are built to brighten up your life. With some careful orchestration and smart design decisions, follow these easy tips for making the most out of your free-flowing space.

Define the area.

The whole point of an open floorplan is to allow the space to breathe with increased views and even more natural light. To properly complement all of these bright benefits it is important to arrange your furniture or other architectural elements to identify and distinguish each room. Such things as a fireplace or open shelving can serve as a focal point and let you know it’s time to kick your feet up in the family room. This can also be accomplished with the use of area rugs. A rug positioned under a dining table or anchoring your family room can provide a distinct function in this type of open space.

Go With The Flow. The Color Flow, That Is.

Choosing a good color palette and incorporating it into each individual living space is key to the proper look of an open floorplan.  As a rule of thumb, choose two or three accent colors and add touches throughout your floorplan in the form of rugs, accessories, paint and fabrics. People tend to play it safe and use one color on the walls. Try mixing it up and adding interest by using wallpaper to define areas and add visual interest. Accent pillows, entry rugs, curtains and table runners, in the same color palette, also will help you achieve a unified look.

Light It Up. 

Another way to set a space apart from the other “rooms” in an open floorplan is to install a distinct and architectural light fixture. With so many interesting lighting options to choose from, have fun looking for just the right chandelliers or hanging pendant to make a statement. Try integrating additional lighting sources throughout to help define spaces. Table lamps, floor lamps and reading lamps will add just the cozy ambiance your space will benefit.

Let The Outdoors In. 

Many Miller & Smith open floorplans don’t just stop indoors. By extending the open floor plan even further by incorporating an outdoor room, you’ll get even more space for relaxing and entertaining. Add a table and chairs for dining, a hammock for relaxing, or even a set of appliances for cooking and grilling to your porch or patio for the ultimate in function and fun.

Think Zero at One Loudoun, Poplar Run & Gallery Park!

Miller & Smith’s Think Zero continues!  With our Think Zero promotion, homebuyers can enjoy several perks, like $0 down or $0 closing costs on their new home, as well as additional upgrades.  These incredible opportunities are now available at our new single family homes and townhomes at One Loudoun, Poplar Run & Gallery Park.

Here’s what thinking zero can get you!

One Loudoun – Ashburn, Virginia

Thinking Zero with Miller & Smith at One Loudoun includes $0 closing costs when using our preferred lender.  And, new homebuyers will find a free finished rec room in the lower level with a finished full bath as an added perk! One Loudoun is the community that has it all – and now you can too with a new Miller & Smith home! 

Gallery Park – Clarksburg, Maryland

Families interested in the National Gallery Collection at Gallery Park, featuring spacious 3-level townhomes, will find both $0 down and $0 closing costs with Think Zero!  Even better – upgrades include a free dream kitchen and a free deck. Could you imagine anything better?

Also at Gallery Park is our Metropolitan Collection with Think Zero benefits of its own.  Homebuyers will enjoy $0 closing costs when using our preferred lender – plus a free ‘dream’ kitchen and free deck, washer and dryer, and 2nd floor powder room! 

Poplar Run – Silver Spring, Maryland

Homebuyers at Poplar Run can find both $0 down and $0 closing costs when purchasing their new single-family home, $5,000 total cash can move you in!  Additional upgrades include up to $50,000 in free options, a free rec room and full bath AND special pricing for move-in ready homes. 

Why rent when you can Think Zero and buy your dream home with Miller & Smith? With $0 down or $0 closing costs, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Miller & Smith family! 

*See community sales manager for even more Think Zero details – subject to terms and qualifying as per lender guidelines.  Prices, terms, conditions, and offer subject to change at any time.  Available on new contracts written between 1/24/15 – 4/30/15. 


Think Zero at Victory Lakes, Marbury & Brambleton South Lawn!

Who knew counting zeros would add up to so much?  For a limited time only, when you purchase a Miller & Smith home in any of our featured communities, you too could benefit from thinking zero!
So, what does thinking zero entail? Depending on the community, you’ll find $0 down or $0 closing costs (or both!) when buying your new home with Miller & Smith.  Best of all, there are even more added bonuses available for homebuyers.  Take a look at what’s in store at each community!
Marbury – Chantilly, Virginia
Now available for our Cheshire Collection at Marbury is our Think Zero promotion, offering homebuyers $0 closing costs when using our preferred lender!  Perks include a free finished rec room and finished full bath – plus, a choice of a free covered porch, 3-car garage or exclusive kitchen package with upgraded appliances, as per plan.  With up to 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths and nearly 4,500 sq. ft. of living space, Miller & Smith’s new homes at Marbury are the definition of luxury!
Victory Lakes – Bristow, Virginia
The only thing that could make the remarkable townhomes available at Victory Lakes even better are the Think Zero perks!  Miller & Smith homebuyers at Victory Lakes enjoy $0 down and $0 closing costs.  Additionally, they’ll also benefit from incredible upgrades like a free entertainer’s kitchen with granite counters, and hardwood flooring in select rooms.  All of this in a three-story townhome in a wonderful community – does it get any better than this?
Brambleton South Lawn – Ashburn, Virginia
Few communities are quite like Brambleton, and few townhomes are like the Miller & Smith South Lawn collection at Brambleton! With our Think Zero deals available at South Lawn, homebuyers can enjoy both $0 down and $0 closing costs – $1,999 total cash moves you in!  Upgrades include $10,000 worth of options and extras, plus there are move-in ready homes available.
*See community sales manager for even more Think Zero details – subject to terms and qualifying as per lender guidelines.  Prices, terms, conditions, and offer subject to change at any time.  Available on new contracts written between 1/24/15 – 4/30/15.