Our Elite Eight.

In the midst of this year’s March Madness, we feel inspired. After all, we’ve mastered the fundamentals, we’ve never been afraid of good, old-fashioned hard work and we have the best team around. If you ask us, there’s no competition for our winning combination and we know our lineup can’t be beat. Inspired by this year’s competition, we decided to get the perspective of the folks who know this best, the people who dedicate their lives to making up our great team. This is real inside the locker room talk, enlightening us on what makes Miller & Smith’s own Elite Eight great.


Sales Manager Debbie Paschal knows Miller & Smith’s true talents when home design is concerned. She knows what’s important to home buyers, too. Take, for instance, the use of the wall of windows in the main living level of these Brambleton homes.

Brambleton Kitchen by Miller & Smith

“I think our design team has a real talent for working with glass and natural light,” says Debbie. “Large windows are key design features of our great rooms and they’re always located in just the right spots to make other rooms and spaces feel bright and airy.”

Grapevine Ridge

According to Debora Flora, Sales Manager at Grapevine Ridge, Miller & Smith values design based on how a family actually lives. No more is the hostess sectioned off from the conversation. Mom can be cooking, kids can be at the island doing homework and dad can be watching the game.

“So much attention to detail was put into the part of the house where everybody congregates,” says Debora. “I always have a visual of a mom making pancakes and flipping them onto the plates of her kids who are lined up at the oversized kitchen island behind her.”

Kitchen at Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center by Miller & Smithx

Debora also suggests that the open floorplan concept at Grapevine Ridge is what sets apart these homes from the rest.

“People can say they have open floorplans, but not like this. You watch HGTV and they’re always knocking down walls to achieve an open floorplan. We don’t have to take down walls,” says Debora. “We already have what everyone’s trying to achieve.”

One Loudoun

Nothing is better in home design than when you see something unconventional and unexpected that takes a home from good to exceptional. One Loudoun Sales Manager Randy Anthony speaks of just one of those examples.

One Loudoun Master Bedroom by Miller & Smith

“Lots of builders add sitting rooms to master suites, but we’re always asking how can we flip the unexpected inside out, says Randy. “Which is exactly what we did at One Loudoun where you can get this fabulous screened-in sleeping porch off the master suite.”

The Orchard

Miller & Smith likes to take design risks. Like offering a product oftentimes not seen outside of a highly urban landscape.

The Orchard at New Market Open Floorplan by Miller & Smith

“We call it farmhouse architecture with a Miller & Smith twist,” says Stephanie Egan, Sales Manager at The Orchard at New Market. “Our Cider Grove Collection brings modern, open floorplans to this rural, family-friendly community in New Market, Maryland.”

Embrey Mill

It’s no secret that many builders aim their focus on kitchens and master bedroom designs. Miller & Smith does that, too. However, rooms that oftentimes are overlooked in other homes, at Miller & Smith they are given the same attention to detail. Take, for instance, the private Courtyards at Embrey Mill.

Embrey Mill Private Courtyard by Miller & Smith

“I love how the private courtyard becomes an extension of the main living area,” says Eric Hansen, Sales Manager at Embrey Mill. “This extra space becomes important for people with kids and pets and those who love to entertain.”

According to Eric, the master suite at Embrey Mill is spectacular, taking up the entire third level of the home. Included in the suite are an impressive master bedroom and bath, sitting area and an oversized walk-in closet. Homebuyers also are impressed with the way the secondary bedrooms are showcased in these homes, as well. Let’s just say the kids of the house will be equally as excited as mom and dad.

Poplar Run

Sales Manager, Alexandra Minckler listens to her homebuyers excitement over the homes at Poplar Run and usually she hears the same thing.

“The people who tour the model home at Poplar Run love some of the very things I love about the house,” says Alexandra. “They feel the homes offer fresh and very useful living spaces. No waste.”

From the natural unobstructed flow of the house to the unexpected open loft space on the second floor, it’s not long before people feel right at home.

Poplar Run Great Room by Miller & Smith

Alexandra says, “ Homebuyers feel comfortable and find it easy to envision living in these homes at Poplar Run.”

Maple Lawn

If you love to cook, you’ll love Miller & Smith’s kitchens. Not only are they beautifully designed, but the floorplans consider what each home cook needs: plenty of cabinet and counter space and an open floorplan.

Maple Lawn Kitchen by Miller & Smith

“I love how the exposed shelves connected to the cabinets and cooking area make this kitchen feel custom,” says Maple Lawn Sales Manager, Deonna Tripline. “We put a lot of effort into creating kitchens that function as beautifully as they look.”

Gallery Park:

Details, Details, Details. At Gallery Park, no corner is overlooked and homeowners will appreciate the uniqueness of every room. Get creative and let these interesting spaces inspire great decorating and storage ideas.

Gallery Park Master Bedroom by Miller & Smith

“Our Metropolitan Collection at Gallery Park is particularly great about making the most of every square foot,” says Alex Champin, Gallery Park Sales Manager. “All the little bump-outs, cut-ins/ and nooks and crannies create really interesting living spaces.”

While you’re huddled around your TV for this year’s March Madness, consider how living in one of these Miller & Smith homes could make the biggest and best basketball tournament of the year even better.  Come tour our elite eight communities and see for yourself what makes a Miller & Smith home nothing less than great.

Get Your Motor Running.

50 years is a long time. Half a century. 18,262 days and counting to be exact. To us, hitting that golden milestone means we kept our promises by growing day-by-day, perfecting our craft, staying true to our original objectives and enjoying every moment. Just like in the 60’s Steppenwolf classic tune, we’ve been looking for adventure in whatever comes our way. Yeah, we made it happen. We are 50 years old and, darn it, we plan to celebrate!

In an expression of our gratitude for our past and continuing successes we want to honor our patrons who have allowed us to do what we love to do for the last 50 years.  What we found is a gift that perfectly mirrors our need to honor a half-century of history while injecting today’s modern technology and design into the final product. We’re talking about a classic here. THE classic. The Ford Mustang.

When you stop by any of communities through November 30, 2014, you will have your chance to register to win a 50th Anniversary 2014 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible.*  We’re talking 300 horsepower sure to get your motor running. You also can look for our immaculately restored 1964 Ford Mustang touring our communities all year long.

Miller & Smith has been blazing new trails since 1964 and this year we will be doing it in style.

 Ford Mustang giveaway for Miller & Smith's 50th Anniversary

 See Miller & Smith website for official rules.







Polar Vortex: A Home Seller’s Best Friend.

After the long and brutal winter we’ve had this year, you’re probably thinking, “OK, Polar Vortex. You can take your frigid temperatures, ice, snow and all around miserableness and head straight back to the North Pole.” Certainly nothing good can come out of an arctic cyclone with a circulation that is all out of whack, right? Well, if you’re looking to sell your house, you may want this visitor from the extreme North to hang around for just a bit longer.  According to Trulia, in the DC metro area, home searches increased by six percent for every ten degrees the thermometer dropped during the polar vortex. Take advantage of these last few weeks of winter and follow these tips for making your home a hot commodity this winter.

Keep it Comfortable & Cozy.

reading room at one loudoun in ashburn va

Set the scene and tap into the things that make your home feel like home. In the winter, that means adjusting the thermostat to make it warm and welcoming. If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on for a cozy, crackling fire that appeals to many of the senses. Simple gestures, such as placing a warm throw on the couch and folding back the thick comforter on your bed can really warm things up. To really step up the cozy factor, consider the number one favorite aroma is the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven. Other popular smells are apple pie or cider, freshly baked bread or cinnamon rolls.

Keep it Light & Bright.

great room at poplar run in silver spring md

Winter can be dreary even in daylight, so use simple techniques to make your home appear brighter. Take advantage of natural light and encourage your home showing during daylight hours. Remember to keep the blinds and curtains open and to turn the lights on in every room, even during daylight. Pay attention to the windows and make sure they are sparkling clean.

Keep it Inviting & Engaging.

kitchen at embrey mill in stafford va

Since winter is the prime time for entertaining, showcase those possibilities within your home. Set the table. Set out stacks of plates and cookies on cake stands in the kitchen. Of course, any good host will be sure to clear exterior pathways of snow and ice and keep entryways clean and clear of boots and other visible clutter.  

After preparing your house for selling with these simple suggestions, be sure to let the Polar Vortex inspire you to start your search for a new home with Miller & Smith. With thoughtfully designed communities and quality built homes, no matter which direction the thermometer is headed, one thing is for certain. One Visit Can Change Everything.


We Don’t Want to Brag, But We Made the List. Twice.

It was the icing on our cake. You could even call it the cherry on top. Although we were thrilled to find out that Brambleton made the list of the 50 top selling master-planned communities in the United States. What made it even sweeter was finding out that One Loudoun made the list, too. Developed by a real estate consulting firm, the rankings were based on 2013 net sales for all planned communities across the United States. Despite the tough economic climate in the DC Metro area with the impact of the government shutdown, demand remained strong for these new homes in Ashburn, VA and the proof is in the pudding.

Brambleton in Ashburn VA

Miller & Smith was one of the original builders in Brambleton and over ten years later, both of us are going strong.  This community was designed for a plethora of amenities to keep residents busy and relishing in their home life. The vibrant Town Center has become the host for entertainment, shopping and dining.

Brambleton Town Center in Ashburn VA

Activities like concerts and even family campouts are hosted in the heart of this community. There’s also over 2,000 untouched acres with scenic parks, ponds and trails for plenty of outdoor fun. With a Sport & Health club, playgrounds, soccer, football, softball and baseball fields and tennis courts, Brambleton is an athlete’s dream. Families have schools, daycare centers and even planned worship sites available right in the community. In addition to the tremendous amenities the community has to offer, Miller & Smith’s new homes in Ashburn, VA also have won awards for the Best in design and architecture.

new homes in ashburn va


You’ll find luxurious and innovative townhome designs with modern exteriors and interior finishes. Single family homes with expansive great rooms, foodie kitchens and impressive master suites. Work and life, design and amenities. Miller & Smith and Brambleton truly offer the perfect balance.

 New Homes in Ashburn VA at One Loudoun

It’s certainly no wonder that neighboring planned community, One Loudoun also in Ashburn, VA, developed by Miller & Smith is a partnership with NASH, also made the list. After all, you get culture, convenience, connectivity and coolness all wrapped in the pretty package called One Loudoun. There’s so much to do here now and planned for the near future. Specialty retail stores, a 4-star hotel, restaurants, bistros, bars and entertainment.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at One Loudoun in Ashburn VA

Earning accolades like the best movie theater in America by Entertainment Weekly, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema thankfully calls One Loudoun home. Serving drinks, dinner, movies and events all under one roof, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the perfect community amenity for neighbors of all ages. A Community Recreation center complete with pool, courts, fields and fitness and miles of paved pedestrian paths make this a very active community, as well.  

new homes in Loudoun County

Miller & Smith also builds amazing homes at One Loudoun that have a chic and urban vibe with an open layout and views to distinctive outdoor spaces. Top chef kitchens, spacious great rooms and the opportunity for both formal and casual entertaining make these homes as cool as the communities they live in.

We humbly accept this honor of making the list of top 50 master planned communities, twice over. It’s the icing on our cake and the cherry on top. You could say we got our just desserts.