5-0h So Much To Celebrate.

1964. It was an epic year.


The Ford mustang made its debut at the World’s Fair in Flushing, New York. You could own your piece of Americana for a mere $2,268, about the price of a used moped nowadays. The Beatles made their first tour of the United States and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, making the appearance the most watched program in U.S. history, according to Nielson. The term Beatlemania was coined that very day.


Sports Illustrated distributed a special edition of its publication simply called the Swimsuit issue. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and so did over 250,000 of his supporters at the March on Washington, the nation’s largest demonstration for civil rights. A baby girl named Michelle Robinson was born. Years later she would become the First Lady to the first African American President of the United States.

However, to us, 1964 was a little more personal. It was the year that changed everything for the homebuyer in the Washington Metro Region. Miller & Smith joined the homebuilding scene and reimagined how a home could look and live, defied convention and inspired people to think beyond the common colonial.

Miller & Smith new home in 1964

vintage Miller & Smith homebuilders

You could say that after 50 years, 92 communities, over 400 awards for design and construction excellence and over 20,000 homebuyers later, there’s a lot to celebrate. And we couldn’t agree more. As we kick off the next 50 years, we’re celebrating what’s Next for you.  See what’s available at some of our communities where Next starts Now.


Maple Lawn Fulton MD

At Maple Lawn in Fulton, MD, you can get extra fabulous with your Fab 50 Bonus. Boasting the absolute best single family value in Maple Lawn, you can enjoy a fabulously spacious single family home that lives even larger with our FAB 50 Bonus, including a free 3’ extension, which means a bigger kitchen with more cabinets and a larger granite island, a bigger master bedroom and bath and bigger rec room, free hardwood on the main level and a free finished rec room and full bath.

Embrey Mill in Stafford, VA

These are townhomes with a twist. Infinity islands and penthouse master suites are just a few of the unique features you’ll find at Embrey Mill in Stafford, VA. To celebrate Next, Miller & Smith is giving away a free dream kitchen with granite countertops, stainless appliance package and hardwood floors on the main level.

Gallery Park in Montgomery County MD

Mail your last rent check ever. You can get these 4-level garage townhomes at Gallery Park in Montgomery County from just $1,413 per month. To top it off, Miller & Smith is giving away a free dream kitchen complete with granite countertops, a stainless package and hardwood floors on the main level.

brambleton in ashburn va

At Brambleton in Ashburn, VA, not only will you find these bright and airy single family homes, but if you purchase now, you’ll get a free ultimate stainless steel appliance package with 30” 5-burner gas cooktop, 27 cf french door refrigerator, 30” convection/self clean double oven, microwave oven, dishwasher with hidden controls.

We’re celebrating 50 all year, so check back often to see What’s Next.



We Put the Solution in Resolution.

We all have good intentions at the first of every New Year. Eat Less. Exercise More. Save money. Take a trip. However, according to many studies, three weeks into the year’s first month, those good intentions become just that. Good intentions and not long-term goals. Due to the national epidemic of New Year’s Resolution drop-outs, January 20th has officially become “Ditch Your New Years Resolution” Day. Yes, there’s actually a day to honor everyone who tried, but failed. Let’s just call this a mercy celebration, shall we? When over 71% of people have given up their goals for the New Year, we at Miller & Smith have the solution to help people stick to their goals. And those solutions, simply put, start at home.

Spend More Time Outside.

park at brambleton in ashburn va

At our new home community, Brambleton in Ashburn, there’s no excuse for being Commander of the Couch. With miles of trails and acres of parkland right outside your front door, spending an hour outside will surely come as natural as dominating Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. When Brambleton is home, not only do you live surrounded by nature’s own gymnasium, your community is completely walkable with shopping, dining, pools, a Rec Center and schools just steps away.

Start and Stick with A New Hobby.

new home in one loudoun in ashburn va

Living at One Loudoun in Ashburn is a no brainer. It’s a unique community that combines culture, convenience and connectivity all in one place. Not to mention the amazing extras that beckon creativity within the homes. For instance, a loft and studio space above the garage that is the perfect environment for starting and sticking with a new hobby. Whether you’re looking to start painting, to read a book every week, to write a poem everyday, there’s no limit to the possibilities when you have your own creative space. Just for you.

Mail Your Last Rent Check. Ever.

kitchen at gallery park in clarksburg

When your goal this year is to purchase your very first home, Gallery Park in Clarksburg is the smart solution. These 4-level garage townhomes include large kitchens with center islands. Plenty of space, great design, close to schools, shopping, restaurants and I-270. Why rent when you can celebrate what’s next for you at Gallery Park? Especially when that celebration includes a Free Dream Kitchen*.

Restore Your Marriage. Go on More Date Nights.

walk to restaurants at maple lawn in fulton md

When you have multiple restaurants and a wine bar in your own neighborhood, going on more date nights become a likely prospect. Not only is this Howard County’s most popular community for homeowners, but Maple Lawn in Fulton, MD is a babysitter’s dream, too.

Cook In, Eat Out Less.

kitchen at the orchard at new market by miller and smith

The kitchen really is the heart of this home. A beautiful, large center island, a wall full of windows revealing the warm sunlight and a beautiful view truly makes this the command center. With a space this comfortable, functional and inviting, who needs to eat out when you don’t really want to leave your house? Now, if only you could just Master the Art of French Cooking.

Home Designs So Stunning, It Makes You Want To Clean More.

new home in grapevine ridge at clarksburg town center

Cleaning your house has to be the worst chore around. However, what you’ll find when you live at Grapevine Ridge at Clarksburg Town Center is that all 4,000 beautiful square feet of this modern, new floorplan makes you want to…clean more. You won’t be able to help it. Like a guy with his vintage hot rod, you’ll be washing, waxing, buffing, whatever it takes to keep this house shining like new. It has a gourmet kitchen with a huge infinity island flanked by a great room. The perfect family friendly retreat with master suite and three additional upstairs bedrooms. A study and dining room giving you even more space. The lower level is complete with a giant rec room, den and full bathroom. With all these clean lines and uncluttered design, it makes even cleaning more pleasant.

Spend More Time with the Kids.

new home in silver spring md at poplar run by miller and smith

To kick-off Miller & Smith’s 50th Anniversary, we’re celebrating what’s next for you. And at Poplar Run, that means a finished and FREE rec room and full bath* to complete these innovative, spacious and truly exceptional new homes in Silver Spring, MD. Not only is that a big time bonus for your wallet, but it allows you to fulfill an important New Year’s promise that will have priceless returns. Think more tea parties, more forts and more happy kids. Can’t beat that.

The Easy Way to Stay Active.

embrey mill in stafford va

Let’s get real. Exercise is not particularly enjoyable. That is, unless you live at Embrey Mill. With a host of activities like recreation fields, a planned future onsite recreational facility, nearly 10 miles of nature trails with scenic overlooks and connections to historic regional trails, parks, playgrounds, a swimming pool with 5 lap lanes and a multi-use sports court, there’s no shortage of things to do that don’t require a pep talk and major motivation.


*Limited time only. See Sales Manager for details.

So Much To Do. Even More To See. This Weekend.

You want a good excuse to put off your typical weekend chores? You can clean later. Grocery shopping can surely wait because you’re not going to want to miss what Miller & Smith has planned in one weekend. To celebrate 50 years building homes and trend-setting style, Miller & Smith is kicking off our NEXT 50 years by celebrating what’s next for you at two of our communities. And yes, it’s This Weekend.

Be the first to experience Next this Saturday, January 18 from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Brambleton in Ashburn. See the chic new designs of the South Lawn Collection with ultra stylish kitchens, adjoining great rooms and fabulous rooftop terraces.

new homes in ashburn va

New South Lawn Collection at Brambleton.

With over 2,800 square feet on three finished levels and just steps from the upcoming Brambleton Corner Rec Center, complete with pool and play areas, these luxury townhomes priced from the upper $400s are a must see. Any golden anniversary isn’t complete without gifts. That’s why to celebrate the next 50 years, Miller & Smith is giving a FREE terrace fireplace when you purchase. (Limited time only. See Sales Manager for details). Surely the best anniversary parties are the ones where the guests get gifts, right?

For those looking for a new home in Silver Spring, stop by the area’s most popular planned community, Poplar Run. The Big Reveal of the Brindley Model and a celebration of what’s next for you. Like up to 4,400 square feet priced from $609,990 with exciting features like a Top Chef kitchen with oversized island, 2-story covered porch and sleeping porch off the master suite.

new home in silver spring md

Top Chef kitchen in the new Brindley model at Poplar Run.

What’s more? Enjoy a FREE finished Rec Room & Full Bath a gratis. (Limited time only. See Sales Manager for details). Miller & Smith truly knows how to throw a party. Stop by Poplar Run in Silver Spring this Saturday, January 18 from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. It’s What’s Next by Miller & Smith. 

Winter Warming Trends.

Here at Miller & Smith, we know winter. We especially know how to best prepare and protect your family from the inevitable big chill. We certainly know the importance of keeping families warm during the coldest months of the season. What’s more is we know how to do so, while saving you money. 



According to Energy Star, as much as half of your home’s energy output is due to its heating and cooling. The good news is, as a Miller & Smith homeowner, energy efficiency and your family’s comfort starts from the inside out of our home designs. By taking a quick peak behind the walls of a Miller & Smith home and by following these four simple rules of home heat winterization, you will keep your home warmer this winter, while lowering your heating bill in the process. 


 What’s Already Done For You:

  1. EXTERIOR DOORS. Miller & Smith’s exterior doors are fiberglass with a solid foam core that provides substantially more insulation value than a wood door. So, in addition to making a beautiful first impression, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to lower monthly heating and cooling bills.
  2. LOW-E GLASS WINDOWS. Our home designs feature large windows with Low-E Glass. This filters unwanted UV rays and reduces heat transfer that may burden your HVAC. In a Miller & Smith home, great light, beauty and potential savings are standard features, too.
  3. WEATHERIZATION BARRIER SYSTEMS. Miller & Smith’s wall, floor and roof sheathing uses oriented strand board (OSB), which has greater shear strength than plywood and no gaps or soft spots. Depending on your home’s location, we use one of two outstanding weatherization systems, Zip Wall or Tyvek, to prevent moisture and air infiltration. These systems eliminate leaks and drafts as well as help your insulation do its job better and keep you more comfortable.
  4. HVAC SYSTEM. If you’re currently living in an older home with ductwork in your attic, you’ll really appreciate the energy efficiency of our HVAC systems. In addition to being right-sized for your home by a mechanical engineer, all supply lines are sealed and run through the interior of your home. Heated or cooled air reaches living spaces more efficiently, thereby maintaining comfort while reducing your energy bills.
  5. THE ROOF. A well-insulated attic is one of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. We use R-38 attic insulation, delivering a 25% increase over homes built just 5 years ago.
  6. THE BASEMENT. Our comprehensive Energy Seal Package includes insulating all lower level conditioned space to seal out excess moisture and keep the temperature warmer in the winter.
  7. ENERGY SAVINGS. We engineer your home to eliminate unnecessary energy use, and include ENERGY STAR® programmable thermostats so you can set and control your energy use per your needs. 


 Here’s Your Homework:

  1. SCHEDULE A PROFESSIONAL HEATING SYSTEM TUNE-UP. A yearly tune up of your home’s heating system will surely improve energy efficiency while maintain your utmost comfort. This kind of regular tune-up is the best kind of prevention and will hopefully help you avoid any major and unexpected problems that could leave you without heat later on in the season. The service often will include an overall check of the system’s performance, as well as tightening connections, checking condensate lines, lubricate moving parts, clean dirty coils, fans and heat exchangers, which can improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  2. CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER. A good rule of thumb is to replace air filters once monthly, but especially if it looks or sounds dirty.  This simple step can prevent a dirty filter from slowing air flow, decreasing system efficiency and even damaging the entire system.
  3. REVERSE YOUR CEILING FANS. Believe it or not, the same fan that keeps you cool in the summer can help keep a room warm in the winter. Fans today are made with a little switch that changes blade rotation. Counterclockwise produces that pleasant summer breeze we crave. Energy Star says fans will produce an updraft and push heated air down from the ceiling into the room. Especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings, ceiling fans can cut heating costs by as much as 10 percent.
  4. REPLACE CAULK AROUND WINDOWS AND DOORS, AS NEEDED. If gaps between siding and window or door frames become bigger than the width of a nickel over time, it’s time to reapply caulk, inside and out. Add weather stripping around doors as necessary, making sure you cannot see any daylight from inside your home.